• The Evolution of My Little Pony Commercials

    A large number of us first started our love for little colored equines starting with the advent of the fourth generation of MLP, but ponies have been around longer than most of us have been alive. As such, it's interesting to take a look at the past of MLP and see how far it has really come over the past 30 so years. Thanks to the efforts of MLP Evolution, we have a compilation of MLP commercials ranging from 1984 till now that will help show how far we've come!

    Fun fact from OneBrokePony: Most of the G2 commercials in the video are in French because G2 wasn't sold as widely in the US as they were in Europe. G3 saw a resurgence of pony in the US.

    Check after the break for the full video and a short video of what G1 looked like in the 80s in Japan. It really isn't what you'd expect! Thanks to OneBrokePony again for this piece of info. Also, check out what goes into a pony commercial before it is made with some cool storyboards for some G4 commercials.

    So different, huh? According to OneBrokePony: 'Hasbro and Takara had a deal in the mid 80s that gave Hasbro access to the toy lines that would become the Transformers in return Takara got My Little Ponies. Pinky, Milky, Lily, and Popo and friends were released'

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