• 4 Days Left For The 2014 Herd Census

    The Herd Census is drawing to a close on the 31st this month and already 10k people have left their input! Check out below for the full info and above for a little taste of what the census has to offer.

    The 2014 Herd Census will come to a close on Friday the 31st at 11:59PM, so there’s not much time left to join the more than 10,000 ponies who have participated so far this year. Just 20 minutes can help the brony research community compile a more accurate picture of where bronies live, what they like about the show, and what the brony personality is all about. We know there are a lot more bronies hiding out there, and we want to makes sure that everpony gets counted. Besides, if you don’t participate, someone else’s favorite might win the honor of Statistically Best Pony!

    English Speakers can take the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M7KF9G6
    All other languages: http://survey.herdcensus.com

    Twitter: Calpain