• Bunch of Pony Folk to Follow On Twitter

    We've got a bunch of awesome folk for you guys to follow today! With the recent talking role for Soarin in Rainbow Falls it bears mentioning again that he is voiced by the talented Matt Hill who has also voiced not only other characters on MLP but is known for being Ed on Ed, Edd, and Eddy!

    Besides Matt, we also have some show staff as well as the voice of Megan from the old MLP cartoons that could use some love. First up is Joel Dickie who is a layout supervisor for MLP: FiM followed by Nicole Dubuc who worked as a story consultant on season 1 before going on to work on Rescue Bots. Finally, we have Bettina Bush who served as the voice of Megan in the old generations of MLP.

    Find all their links below and give them some love for their involvement in MLP and MLP:FiM

    Matt Hill - Voice of Soarin
    Bettina Bush - Voice of Megan
    Nicole Dubuc - Story Consultant on Season 1
    Joel Dickie - Layout Supervisor on MLP:FiM

    Twitter: Calpain