• Random Merch: My Little Pony Tales Volume 2, Valentines, and More!

    For all you collectors or people that need to catch up on the comics, the second edition of the Pony Tales series has been tossed up on Amazon for pre-order.  This set includes the Luna, Spike, Celestia, and CMC micros.  You can pre-order it over here for  14 bucks, with a February 18th release date. 

    And below the break, more random merch!

    Target Exclusive Valentines

    Gear up for Valentines Day! 16 in all in this pack. Thanks to Erika for the heads up.

    Keychains Found at Toys R' Us

    A bit of a stock awareness thing for those looking for these.  The Rainbow Power keychain ponies have been spotted at Toys R' Us.  Thanks to Unicornmon for the heads up.

    Lockable Secrets Book

    Secrets and LIES

    Found at Poundland by Rory for a buck.

    Jigsaw Puzzle Bag

    Found at Kaufland by Lefteyehawk for 4 Euros.

    Walgreens Valentines

    Found at... Walgreens by Brittney!

    Japanese Plushie Set Photos

    I like the smaller ones. These have been around in various posts, but this does a good job of fully displaying them.   Full Gallery over here!

    Thanks to TuxedoCartman for the image.