• Plushie Compilation #140

    It does not take long for plushies of new ponies to hit the scene after an episode! Man, things sure have changed since the early days.

    Plushies and plushies after the break!

    [1] Source
    Fleetfoot plush

    [2] Source
    Talking Rainbow dash plushie with hoodie

    [3] Source
    Future Twilight Chibi Plushie

    [4] Source
    Flutterbat Chibi Plushie

    [5] Source
    Minky Fluttershy Plush Finished! Side1

    [6] Source
    Celestia Filly Plushie

    [7] Source
    Ready to go home...

    [8] Source
    Simply Luna

    [9] Source

    [10] Source
    Rainbow Dash Plush Commission

    [11] Source
    Bubblepop custom plush

    [12] Source
    Filly Sweetie Belle Plushie - Side View

    [13] Source
    Derpy Chiby Pony

    [14] Source
    Giant Princess Luna Plush (38 inches) FOR SALE

    [15] Source
    Applejack Plushie for Ponycon Au 2014

    [16] Source
    MLP-Mass Produced Japanese Applejack Plush

    [17] Source
    Derpy playing with pinkie pie

    [18] Source
    Dashy, ready to fly!

    [19] Source
    Sleeping Applejack Chibi-Plush

    [20] Source
    Flutterbat (For Sale)

    [21] Source

    [22] Source
    Coco Pommel

    [23] Source
    Rarity as Radiance for sale

    [24] Source
    Spitfire Plush

    [25] Source
    MLP PinkieBat Plush By Ponypassions

    [26] Source
    MLP Coco Pommel Plush /Accessories By Ponypassions

    [27] Source

    [28] Source - Mandi

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