• Nightly Roundup #878

    Been awhile since we had some Pinkie Pie or LifeLoser for that matter so let's fulfill both of those right now. I'm currently moving so this will be my last Roundup for a few days! In the meantime, have a great weekend guys and a great episode.

    Sort of late tonight I know, but we didn't have too much to post till now. Check below for what there is!

    Tonight's Stories

    To Be a Mother Dramatic Reading

    Dramatic readings sure are becoming popular! Have a sort of sad one tonight guys.

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. Our movie for the week is one of my favorite animations
    of all time. We will be watching Vampires in Habana. A Cuban movie from the 80's. The
    plot revolves around the son of Dracula, Werner von Dracula creating a formula to make
    vampires immune to the sun, but it fails horribly and he is considered a joke, so he takes his nephew,
    known as Pepito to his friends, and moves to Cuba. After a couple of years of testing the formula
    on his nephew ,without his knowledge, and has successfully perfected the formula. In 1933,
    Pepito is fully immune to the effects of the sun and has no idea that he is a vampire and has
    became a revolutionary trying to take Gerardo Machado out of power. Werner shows the
    finished formula to the vampire sect in Dussledorf, who are at war with a vampire mafia crime
    syndicate in Chicago. Both the European and American vampires go after Werner and his
    formula and he leaves the fate of the formula in the hands of his nephew Pepito, who now
    has to take on the Cuban government, and the vampires of Dussledorf and Chicago.

    Hosts for this week will be:

    Harlequin Jester
    Pony Cat

    LOCATIONS WILL BE HERE: http://www.livestream.com/poniboorufilmnight?t=250163
    AND HERE: https://derpibooru.org/livestream_channels/poniboorufilmnight


    Rainbow Falls Full Transcript

    Alan Back has returned with another transcript. Check it out below!

    Check out the full story here!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Gathering for All Lancaster University Ponies

    The Lancaster University Run Against Domestic Violence (UK)

    This term’s charity event is something a little different from what GALUP has done before. This time, we’re getting involved in a large, university-wide fundraising event instead of doing something all on our own. The event will be to raise money and awareness for victims of domestic violence, with the official page here.
    LURADV is a 10 kilometre run on Saturday the 1st of February. We’ve gotten together ten or so enthusiastic society members who are willing to take part and help to raise money for a great cause! Some of us will be running the whole distance, but the main thing we’re doing is a large relay event while kitted out in pony ears!

    We thought a relay baton was a little small though, so we’re opting for a huge flag standard instead, measuring over two metres in height! FOR PEGASOPOLIS!
    All money we raise will go to these charities through LURADV, and with your help we’ll be able to do our part in making this run a massive, positive fundraiser.

    As of writing this we are currently in the lead against 25 other societies involved!
    Find more info on our website and a link to donate, click here!

    Livestream Announcement

    Crystal Games Challenge 2014 Announcement from The Gaming Colts

    Announcing the 2014 Crystal Games Challenge! 2013 had a great turnout and some awesome games that got showcased at the Everfree Northwest “Games Ponies Play” panel last year! We've been wanting to capture the same love and feel for games again and hope to do so with this years challenge. You can ask us questions about the jam at out twitter account @gmclts or you can find more details at our website here: http://www.thegamingcolts.com/2014/01/15/announcing-the-crystal-games-challenge-2014/

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    MLP: FiM "Rainbow Falls" Episode Review

    Explaining Derpy

    Let's React - Pinkie Apple Pie

    Today In Pony History

    January 24, 2011-2013

    2011 - EqD domain name is purchased.

    2012 - Another German comic is translated.

    2013 - A new DVD is revealed and high quality plushies seem to be coming to Germany.

    Twitter: Calpain