• Top 50 Brony Music Countdown is here!

    It is New Year's Eve so that means we have to count down the best music of 2013! We're a little late on this, but there is still plenty of time to participate!


    This New Years Eve, Ponyville Live is hosting an annual event that brings pony music, charity, and friendship together. For the third year in a Row, PonyToast hosts the Top 50 Pony Music Countdown: the oldest and most popular Brony-voted countdown.

    In 2011, PinkiePieSwear's "Trixie's Good Side" battled with Ken Ashcorp's "20% Cooler" for the top spot. In 2012, MandoPony swept the votes with "Loyalty". Who will win this year? Tune in to find out.

    During the broadcast, Toast will be gathering donations and offering up prizes for donators, including a signed fedora from Dusty Katt of Stay Brony My Friends. To enter, simply go HERE and donate, and do an "Advanced donation" including your email address. Several lucky folks will walk away with some neat prizes!

    Tune in and rock out this New Years Eve starting at 1pm to 7pm eastern!

    Ponyville Live