• Set 2 of the MLP CCG Announced for March / Early April!

    Good news to all you CCG fans gunning for some more cards to flesh your decks out with. The next set has been confirmed by the MLP CCG Twitter page with a March/Early April release.

    I'm currently compiling up some of the points made over on the Q&A at their Twitter page.  Head on down below for those, and check back for updates as I keep collecting.

    Newsy Stuff:

    Q: Is there anything you guys can say at all about expansions?

    A: Start looking for Set 2 of My Little Pony CCG in late March / early April! No more details on that for now, though...

    Q: Any particular reason for the lack of an Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle card?

    A: No worries, you can definitely expect to see more Cutie Mark Crusaders in the future of #MLPCCG

    Q: Will set 2 of #MLPCCG integrate (play with) with the current set? @MLP_CCG

    A: Set 1 and Set 2 cards will definitely be playable together! #MLPCCG

    Q: Any chance for a Spike deck? He deserves more love.

    A: There's no telling who might end up as a Mane Character card in future sets... Hey, it could happen! #MLPCCG

    Q: Question about the pay 2 win style of having Ultra rares vs not having any. It turned into a pretty massive chain.

    A: For example, some people consider Yellow Parasprite to be the best Troublemaker in the game!

    (Seth note: As someone who has played the big CCG's forever, there aren't many out there that don't have the Rare card domination issue. Trading and dealing for expensive stuff is just a side effect of tournament play. With MLP CCG being a new thing, the issue games like Magic the Gathering have of set prices via online stores isn't really there yet. It's a good time to get some trades in before a card price database appears and this becomes even more difficult. It's a gold rush! If you aren't playing tournaments, just proxy until you get the real card. It's a good way to test it and decide if you even want to buy said card, and not everyone on the planet plays tournaments.)

    Q: I have been playing a two headed giant style where me and my partner must solve both our problems as one, this is a lot of fun

    A: Keep a look out for beta rules for the multiplayer variant (3+ players) "soon!" #MLPCCG

    Q: I still would like advice on creating a main character card for Original Characters.

    A: Sorry to say that we don't have any plans for officially supporting unofficial cards... But, we hope you have fun!

    Q: Any Trixie deck on the way!? #mlpccg

    A: But Seth, everyone knows Trixie doesn't solve problems, she CAUSES them... #MLPCCG

    Q: Non mane characters as deck leaders in general

    A: Something some of you might have interest in: repeated mention that yes, non-Mane Six characters might very well be Mane Character cards in future sets!

    Q: Any chances of us seeing more then just parasprites as Troublemakers?

    A:  Do you mean like Manticores, Timberwolves, Flim & Flam, Ahuizotl, and Nightmare Moon? ... Maybe!

    Rules Clarifications:

    Q: Friend and I had trouble interpreting this @MLP_CCG card last night. The wording confuzzled us. http://ponyhead.com/cards/97

    A: Dig Deep makes a Blue or White character Blue AND White until end of phase, and +2 power until end of phase.

    (Continued over here, lots of back and forth on that one)

    Q: Question! Lady Justice: Will she reduce opponent's power in their Troublemaker faceoffs? Or no, since my cards are excluded?

    A: Lady Justice doesn't have to be involved in a faceoff for her card text to have effect!

    Q: For problem faceoffs and double faceoffs, does the winner score the usual one point in addition to the bonus points? Or just bonus?

    A: You get one point per Problem you are confronting EVERY score phase, BEFORE faceoffs.

    Q: For faceoffs, do you include the power levels of mane/friend characters who at home or just those involved in the problem?

    A: Only characters AT a Problem can contribute power to that Problem. #MLPCCG

    Q: Is there a limit to Resources played on any card? A Friend with two Marvelous Chapeaus seems odd, but ya' never know!

    A: There's no limit to how many Resources you can have attached to a character. #MLPCCG

    Q: The rule book states a minimum of 45 cards in your draw deck. Is there a maximum? #mlpccg

    A: No maximum draw deck size. #MLPCCG