• Random Merch: Rainbow Pony Set, Daring Pony Pre-orders, Charm Necklaces, Singing EG Dolls, and More!

    The Rainbow Pony Favorite Set has started to make it's way into stores.  This one in particular was located at Target.  Happy hunting there! Thanks to TwinkletoesKat for the heads up. 

    And head on down below the break for more random merch!

    Magical Friends Charm Necklaces

    Are you mare enough to rock these?  Found at Walmart by Britni


    Found at Old Navy by Julia

    Singing EQG Dolls

    Found on Hasbro's Pony Shop.  Have some links:


    Thanks to Luna and Cat Whitney for the heads up.

    UK MLP Magazine with Twilight Figure

    Looks like this is going to be a series! The last one had a Pinkie Pie.  Thanks to Pollocs for the heads up.

    Toywiz Daring Do Set Pre-order

    So Daring~ Find it here! Thanks to Jamie for the link.

    Sunset Shimmer Toy

    Another in the Beyond the Mirror Line.  Found by Pepper at Walmart.

    iPhone Cases

    No location given on these.  Thanks to Natalie for the heads up.