• Story Updates - December 28th

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    Story: Moonlight (Update Part 15!)


    Author: JasonTheHuman
    Description: Strange nightmares are plaguing the ponies of Equestria.

    Somepony must help ponies to face their deepest fears, but unless Princess Luna is able to discover who—or what—is responsible, the nightmares may never end.

    Scootaloo is ready to prove that she can be as fearless as her big sister, Rainbow Dash, even if it means never having a peaceful night's sleep again.
    Moonlight (New Part 15!) 

    Story: Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World (Update - Sequel, Side Story)


    Author: Xepher
    Description: A minor injury leads Apple Bloom to learn that she and the other Crusaders aren't like normal ponies. Not having their marks has always been their common bond, but as the trio uncover their unique nature, it becomes clear that their lives are intertwined on a much deeper level. As they learn the secrets of their shared past, it leads to revelations about their friendship, families, and their long sought after talents. What they discover and accomplish along the way is beyond what anypony would have thought possible.
    Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World

    Story: The Conquering of Love (Update Part 30!)

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: Littlecolt
    Description: Inspired by the fan video of an alternative ending of season 2. Twilight Sparkle finds herself inside a cocoon in the throne room of Canterlot Palace along with her friends and many other ponies. She is thrust into a dream world by Chrysalis who is feeding on the feelings of love and friendship she and the others will experience in their alternate realities. Twilight's happy dream doesn't last long, though, when a strange yellow gem brings her back to reality...
    The Conquering of Love (New Part 30!) 

    Story: The Fifth

    [Dark][Adventure] "Hyperviolent and dark as hell... but It has that noir vibe to it in spades... Ready for primetime" - Pre-reader #3

    Author: Garnot
    Description: While investigating a string of violent crimes in Canterlot, detective Gro'gar—a pony of sordid past and uncertain future—stumbles upon a conspiracy that reveals one of the nation's oldest evils is raising once again. Together with a young Shining Armor and a former cultist filly much like himself, he'll have to uncover the terrible truth before the shadowy cabal makes its next deadly move in their bid for control. What he uncovers—and the battles he subsequently wages—will test his resolve, integrity, and very nature.

    After all, monsters are not born. Monsters are made. Not even Gro'gar is safe from this fate
    The Fifth

    Story: Uniformity (Update Part 12!)

    [Adventure][Shipping] “An epic adventure with deep lore and mystery, a troubled romance, and a mare with too many secrets. I love it.” — Pre-reader Amacita

    Author: Adcoon
    Description: Everypony thinks they know Lyra. Bonbon only wishes she could say the same. For years she has tried to get to know the unicorn, but Lyra refuses to show her true self or accept Bonbon's advances. When Bonbon discovers that Lyra is leaving town without so much as saying goodbye, she decides to leave everything behind and follow, no matter how far they must go or how hard Lyra protests.

    An uncommonly tight-lipped Rainbow Dash tags along as a guide, paid by Lyra for her services, but the young Wonderbolt appears to have her own motivations as well.
    Uniformity (New Part 12!) 

    Story: Monarch (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Mickey Dubs
    Description: Twilight's ascension to the throne was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but as the months have passed and the shadows of the world grown a little darker, the lessons of her mentors and the weight of her responsibility has done nothing but made her more uncertain about her ability to rule.

    Now, on the day of a grand gathering of nations, an attempt on the life of one princess and the abduction of the other brings with it an old foe and the weight of the world. With the fate of empires resting on her shoulders, Twilight must undertake a grand journey into the heart of madness and the untold history of Equestria to save her princesses and the world entire...

    But save them from what?
    Monarch (New Part 2!) 

    Story: The Six Deeds of Harmony (Update Part 7!)

    [Sad] [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: Defoloce
    Description: A lovestruck knight in Equestria's early days, unconvinced of his own worthiness, decides that he must prove himself to the mare he loves. With Princess Cadence as his guide, he is put on a quest by the Crown to go forth and right wrongs and ease sorrows associated with latent Chaos, all while learning of the Elements of Harmony from the ponies' companion races.

    The entire piece is written in iambic pentameter, with the exception of Luna's pronouncement of the quest in the first chapter, which is an English sonnet.
    The Six Deeds of Harmony (New Part 7!)