• Story: The Fifth

    [Dark][Adventure] "Hyperviolent and dark as hell... but It has that noir vibe to it in spades... Ready for primetime" - Pre-reader #3

    Author: Garnot
    Description: While investigating a string of violent crimes in Canterlot, detective Gro'gar—a pony of sordid past and uncertain future—stumbles upon a conspiracy that reveals one of the nation's oldest evils is raising once again. Together with a young Shining Armor and a former cultist filly much like himself, he'll have to uncover the terrible truth before the shadowy cabal makes its next deadly move in their bid for control. What he uncovers—and the battles he subsequently wages—will test his resolve, integrity, and very nature.

    After all, monsters are not born. Monsters are made. Not even Gro'gar is safe from this fate
    The Fifth

    Additional Tags:  Noire, "Quite Dark", Alternate Universe, return of the old ones, detective, pulp, monster, Grogar, Tambelon