• Optional: Include Twitter Account with News Submissions

    How many times have I used that image? It never gets old.  A few days ago I added a little addendum to our submit section, asking our news submitting masses to include a Twitter account with their submissions.  As most people submitting news already know how it works and don't visit the submit section anymore, I figured I'd get an announcement up.

    EQD is built around the submit process.  We have a small staff, so having boatloads of people send stuff in is awesome, even if we get it 30 times.  To thank everyone for keeping the pony world flowing into our inbox, we wanted to start including Twitter accounts for the first people that get it in.

    Just include a link to your main Twitter or Facebook page (this or this for example), and we will link it when we post your name in the credit area! This is still first come first serve though, so get it in quick!

    Of course, you are still free to simply drop a name or remain anonymous too.  Twitter is not required.