• Spotlight Instrumental Music: Sunset of Life / Winter / Spread Your Wings

    I do love it when everyone includes genres! It seems like people that aim for spotlight posts always do.  Yep...

    Anyway, we have a bit of something for everyone in the instrumental section.  Acoustic, Progressive House, and Orchestral are all below.

    And lets keep the "comment only about the music" thing going for music posts for a bit more? Why don't you give these a rating out of 5 if you like them?  I'm sure my temporary review group would love to see your feedback. 

    1.) Night Breeze | Sunset of Life (INSTRUMENTAL - ACOUSTIC)
    2.) Eclipsing Rainbows - Winter (INSTRUMENTAL - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE)
    3.) One Wing Ft. Pipsqueak - Spread Your Wings (INSTRUMENTAL - ORCHESTRAL)