• Discussion: Luna's Personality - Which Do you Prefer?

    Hopefully a bunch of you have caught up on the micro series comic released yesterday.  If not, go read it then come back! 

    Luna here seems to vary pretty wildly between seasons and across the comic/show divide.  She went from sad and timid in the pilot episodes, royal and serious in Luna Eclipsed, to mysterious and and dreamwalky in Sleepless in Ponyville. An extra dimension of the character was added with the comics though.  Her persona here is... Rambunctious? I don't think I've ever used that word.  It seems she took the concept of "fun" and ran with it, because Moonbutt be crazeh.  This was true for both the Big Mac arc as well as her newest one. 

    After reading the micro yesterday, I'm sold.  Give me wild and impatient Luna any day.  What do you all prefer though?  Do you like her sad and lonely, mysterious and cool, serious and royal, or wild and crazy?  Hit those comments up with your thoughts, or feel free to tear me a new one for misinterpreting best pony.