• Pwnies for a Cause 2013

    The Holidays is that time of the year for giving and charity and of course pony folk are doing their best to be a part of that! The Bluescreen Bronies are having a weekend long charity event that follows up their successful event from last year and they are excited for you guys to join them! The event starts at 9am Dec 20 and ends on 9pm Dec 22 so there is plenty of time to join the festivities.

    Check on after the break for a full list of the events which include interviews with such talent as Amy Keating Rogers, Anneli Heed, and many more as well as prizes of course.

    Attention Gamers, Bronies, & Brony Gamers!

    Our show, “Bluescreen Bronies” is hosting our second annual charity drive, this year's charity is “Child's Play” with a goal of $3000! To accomplish this we will be streaming live 48 hours of gaming, interviews, and musical guests beginning Friday, December 20 9PM EST continuing through Sunday, December 22 9PM EST

    This time we'll have help from the Gaming Colts (http://www.thegamingcolts.com/) and Omnigamer (http://www.omnigamer.com/)! Guests like Anneli Heed, Josefina Hylen, Laura Shigihara, Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi & the TOME Cast, Amy Keating Rodgers, and more will be joining us as well as some great bronies and independent studios, such as Starlight Studios and Legends of Equestria. 

    There just so many wonderful people that are attending, we would like to extend our thanks to them. In addition, there will be scheduled prize giveaways at both random and regular interval which include, but are not limited to, SteamCash, video games, random prize packs, and more! 

    The full schedule is located here
    Guest List here
    Prize List here
    Come join us for an exciting 48 hour stream that will not only entertain you, but torture Draco for Charity! That's right Draco will be playing Superman 64 for a full hour, willingly! He's crazy about this cause people so help him by donating as much as possible! 

    Stream will be located at: http://livestre.am/2ejYp and starts at 9pm EST Friday! If you have any questions or wish to donate to the cause email us at bluescreenbronies@gmail.com
    May the Season's Warmth be with you all!
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