• Rarity Takes Manehattan - New Synopsis from U-Verse, Plus Extras on Power Ponies and Bats!

    Another synopsis for Rarity Takes Manhattan has been revealed on AT&T U-Verse, this one detailing exactly what happens in the episode.  I'd recommend avoiding it if you hate spoilers. 

    They also have a bit different synopsis for Power Ponies and Bats!, though not as in depth.  Get those below too!

    Synopsis for Rarity Takes Manhattan:

    Rarity’s love for fashion takes her to Manehattan for Fashion Week, but her excitement is soon diminished by a fellow designer, who has decided to take advantage of her generous nature and pass off her design ideas as their own.

    Alternate for Power Ponies: 

    After finding themselves trapped in bizarre, comic book-style universe, Spike and the Mane 6 realize that if they ever want to return home, must act as superheroes and defeat the world's nefarious super villain, The Mane-iac.

    Alternate for Bats! 

    While doing their best to shoo away a multitude of Vampire Fruit Bats that have unexpectedly taken over the family's orchard, Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack and her friends find themselves caught up in a frightening situation.

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up!