• GalaCon AMA Followup

    The GalaCon staff had an AMA over on Reddit not too long ago and they answered a plethora of questions from the awesome folks that joined them. But for those of you who couldn't make the AMA the GalaCon staff has compiled a list of answers to questions asked at the event.

    Check them all out after the break!

    Greetings, everyone!

    We want to say thanks - The AMA on Saturday was a good success and quite a few of you came and asked fun questions. Not even the new episode could distract you, and for that we say thanks - Your interest matters!

    We are not going to beat around the bush, so here are the important bullet points:

    • GalaCon 2014 will be on the 2./3. of August. BronyCon and us tried our hardest, as promised, but due to limited date choices with our venues and school holidays, etc. BronyCon and GalaCon will be on the same weekend again. We are as bummed about that as you are, but we gottta make do!
    • The venue will be the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg again. A few kinks that need ironing out aside, the Forum had everything a convention could ask for, so we are going to return in 2014! We will book more room to make sure we got the space we need, especially in terms of seating for the main events.
    • In terms of attendee cap, we are shooting for 1200 tickets. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, but 1200 is what we are going for as our maximum.
    • Ticket sale will start in January or February. We are still looking into the specifics, but saving up that Christmas cash won’t be a bad idea, either way. We will offer crowdfunding and sponsor tickets again, too - And with much better handling of the rewards and a better printing service.
    • Our first announced community guest is Pixelkitties! She already made a wonderful contribution to GalaCon 2013 with her autograph card designs, but she’s going to do that and so much more for 2014. You can look forward to seeing her and her fabulous art in person!
    • Events will be bigger and better! Or, at the very least, that’s what we’re working steadily towards - Among the things you can expect are a completely revamped cosplay contest that’s easier to enter, a silent auction to accompany the main auction, more art panels, a bigger podcast panel, and more!
    • We hope to upload the missing 2013 panel recordings around New Year’s at the latest. Other obligations and a severe underestimation of the material to go through made this so slow. Apologies for that, we really didn’t mean to take so long.

    We hope you have a great remaining 2013 - We are working hard to bring you a great 2014.

    Best wishes,
    Your GalaCon Team