• Convention Compilation - December 20

    I absolutely love seeing pony take off in Japan, plus their OC is super cute. Hope all goes well in the Land of the Rising Sun!

    Convention time again friends, find all the latest after the break.

    Japan PonyCon 2014 New Year - Location, registration, and other info
    BronyCon 2014 - Convention opens for volunteers
    Ponyville Ciderfest - Hotel information has become available
    BUCK 2014: Teaser Promo 

    Japan PonyCon 2014 - Year of the Pony

    To all pony fans in Japan-

    Japan PonyCon 2014 New Year, "The Year of the Pony" will take place on January 5th, 2014. The con will be held in Kawasaki City, at the Kawasaki-shi Sangyo-Boeki Kaikan, 4th floor. Doors will open at 10AM and official events will run till 6PM. Admission is 1500 yen, and will be collected at the door.

    Pre-registration is available in Japanese or English. http://ponycon.jp/register.php

    Events include greeting/photo op with Japan PonyCon's mascot, Poniko, artists' alley and merch trading tables, speed sculpting with artist Equus, New Year's wishes at a mock Shinto shrine (it is the year of the horse, after all), quizes, a Skype Q&A session with the voice of Apple Bloom, MICHELLE CREBER, and more! At 6PM, a DJ session will start, so you can dance your hooves off.

    Come and ring in the year of the horse by celebrating with other fans of pony!

    For more information, contact staff at event@ponycon.jp on twitter at https://twitter.com/japanponycon and tumblr at http://poniko-jpc.tumblr.com/

    BronyCon 2014 Looking for Volunteers

    Baltimore, Md. - It takes hundreds of staff to make the world’s largest brony convention tick, and BronyCon wants your help. As of today, applications for staff volunteers are officially open. Not only is volunteering for BronyCon a great way to get involved behind the scenes and make some friends, but staff also receive free admission to the con, as well as a cool t-shirt! If you want to lend a hand, head over to http://bronycon.org/about/volunteer/ to see how you can help.

    Ponyville Ciderfest Hotel Information Releases

    Ponyville Ciderfest's Hotel Reservation link is now live! Anypony can go to the website
    (which is also now live!!) at http://www.ponyvilleciderfest.com/location/ or go directly
    to the reservation link to reserve their room! Rooms are $125 a night at the beautiful
    Hyatt Regency Milwaukee!


    Follow Ponyville Ciderfest and all of our updates on out website at www.ponyvilleciderfest.com
    or on our social media sites:


    Hope to see everypony there and keep watching for new updates!

    BUCK 2014: Teaser Promo