• Random Merch: Stylus, Robes, Speakers, and More!

    It's too bad we didn't have these at all the conventions this year.  I could see the piles and piles of homemade Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash cookies.  Found in Austria by vi. 

    Onward to random merch! get it all below. 


    Found at a Toys R' Us store.  Thanks to Caroline for the heads up!

    Slipper sand Robes at Hot Topic

    That robe looks ridiculously comfortable.  Found at Hot Topic by Lucky Thunderlane

    Random Clothes

    Found at Target by Angela

    Portable Speaker
    How fitting that it's Pinkie Pie.  Found at Toys R' Us.

    Alarm Clock Radio

    Also fitting, and also found at Toys R' Us by Kirara.

    Pony Flashlight

    And one final one from Toys R' Us

    Chubby Ponies on Candy 

    Russia gets all the crazy stuff.  Found by Eugenia.