• Discussion: What Band or Performer Would You Like to Create a Pony Song?

    Coming straight from the World of Twitter is a new discussion post dedicated to all you music enthusiasts out there.  We have a pretty badass set of musicians within the fandom, but what about the outside world?  Once again, that hypothetical Hasbro executive has come to you waving around his book full of blank checks, and wants to draw in a new crowd with season five. 

    Your mission as ultimate pony fandom liaison, is to choose a band, group, or musician that has nothing to do with the show, and hire them on to do a pony song.  Thanks to your currently endless budget, you are free to resurrect someone via billions of dollars of research.  Want to bring back Frank Sonatra for a Fly me to the Moon duet with Luna? Go for it.

    And while you are at it, give the newly indoctrinated pony fan a topic.  You can force them to write a song about anything pony related you wish, be that Applejack quitting her job at the farm for a high tech pharmaceuticals career, to Twilight Sparkle going emo-mode about her wings and the troubles they have caused.  Poor Twilight.