• Poll Results: Favorite Pony Merchandise? - PLUSHIE WAR TIME

    I actually grabbed a poll off Twitter, but looking at this, it might be time for a plushie war.  We have a bunch of companies all with their own lineups.  Time to battle them out!

    If you have no idea what each of these is, head on down below the break for examples and selling points of each, or use it as a plushie buying guide.  I guess it doubles as that! 

    4dE Plushies

    A smaller company that releases them in bursts due to demand, these are my personal favorites.  The manes and noses are hand crafted to be as show accurate as possible.  At the moment, only online stores have them in stock.  If you don't mind a bit of a wait, for a measly 25 bucks you can grab what are essentially the same as those 120+ dollar ones on Ebay. It's too bad Walmart doesn't carry these.  You guys should go poke their HR department and tell them to buy a shipment or 60.  I've seen that happen before.


     These guys come with costumes and accessories, though their manes are strands and brushable as opposed to molded.  As the pictures show, a bit of work can get them looking show accurate.  Their extra features do come with an extra price tag though, shooting these up to the most expensive of the plushie line.  

    Aurora Plushies

    These guys did aim toward the molded manes, but their noses are a little odd.  Aside from that though, their price tags are much smaller than the others.  A good alternative to the spaghetti maned stuff if you want to do a bit more digging at specialty shops.  They are pretty much everywhere.

    TY Plushies

    TY Jumped on the plushie bandwagon pretty recently.   Their lineup consists only of smaller versions, with no announcement for larger ones on the horizon.  They also tend to be a bit more rare, though you can get them easily enough on Amazon.  Yet again, we have a bushable mane style.

    NICI Plushies

    These are probably the closest out there for all you European guys to 4de.  With overseas shipping being completely crazy, a bit less show accurate and pointier nose might be worth it.  They also come in smaller keychain style, and pillows/bags. 

    Funrise Plushies

    Spaghetti manes, crazy snouts, but super cheap.  These things are your usual Walmart bargain fair.  Where some prefer Freschetta pizza, others are perfectly fine with Totinos for a buck a pop.  They are also the quickest on fan favorite releases so far, with Octavia and Vinyl Scratch already invading store shelves. Thanks to their early release, and their entire mane 6 lineup being already out there, over a million have already sold. People have sort of committed to collecting them.