• Nightly Roundup #767

    I heard a call for Rainbow Dash so why not a really cute hoodie Dash? Sorry I'm a little late tonight, been playing games with friends and relaxing a bit. Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll catch you all tomorrow!

    Tonight's Stories

    Radio Play Style Fanfic Readings

    Hi everyone. Do you like fanfiction but haven't the time to sit down and read it. Do you like listening to fanfic readings on YouTube but find yourself constantly kiboshed by things being unavailable on mobile or in your country? Never fear! Scribbler's Pony Tales, a series featuring radio play style readings with full soundtracks, sound effects and multiple voice actors is now available for free download. Just go here and get yourself as many of the 70+ stories available on .mp3. Happy listening. ^_^

    I'll See You to Shore (romance) - Featuring the voices of ANY Pony, Goombasa, Grey Ramos and Scribbler
    Summary: Surf-on-the-Shore-Brings-Sand-to-the-Depths is a sea-pony. This, in itself, would not be strange, if any other sea-ponies had been seen in Equestria for the past 500 years. Why, then, has he washed ashore now, covered in what look like hundreds of shark bites?

    Overture (romance/sadfic - Thunderlane/Octavia) - Featuring the voices of Finish Line, Goombasa, Grey Ramos and Scribbler
    Summary: On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, Thunderlane couldn't be more annoyed. Dragged to the gala by his CO, he's content to be bitter and moody the whole time. But when he hears a soft melody played by a certain mare, he's intrigued enough to introduce himself to this "Octavia." She's a nice mare. Sweet and polite, but with what she calls "a roommate complex." Now what could she mean by that?

    My Limitless Lily (romance/sadfic/uplifting) - Featuring the voices of Pounce and Scribbler
    Summary: When bad things happen, we get past them and move on. But what if the thing that happens is really bad? Money Shot tells the tale of the time a terrible tragedy befell his marefriend, Lily, and how she overcame a great loss.

    The Cough (darkfic) - Featuring the voice of Scribbler
    Summary: The mane six take shelter in a place that is, for now, safe from a disaster occurring outside.

    Your Dose of Cake!

    Some cake for your sweet tooth!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Barcelona Meetup

    Last Saturday we had a brony meetup at barcelona, in a youth center. We had a big screen with a projector that we used for watching lots of random pony videos and singing thanks to My Little Karaoke.
    We made a Pony Quiz! too and a drawing contest. The people who wanted could play to some role games and the pony game Changelings! . We also made a fluttershy pixel art, we eat together and we played music with a guitar and with a dj table. It was a great day!

    Glasgow Meetup

    Glasgow Meetup.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Animation Group Looking For More

    We're an over-motivated group of Bronies with the desire to create a large-scale episodical fan-animation, which we planned for more than a year now.

    We can't pull off such a huge project alone, though. That's why we created this little promotional video and a website to attract other creative Bronies, who are willed to help us, from all over the world:


    A huge thank you in advance and a long-range brohoof from across the pond,
    the MLSP-Team

    Fan Animation for Austraeoh Looking for More

    Hello out there everypony, we’re a team of people currently working on a large undertaking, which is to convert the fanfiction Austraeoh by Imploding Colon into a fan-made animated movie. We are proud to announce, that we are finally ready to open our gates and begin hiring writers!

    As a writer, you would be converting the story into more of a movie format with the help of the other members of your team. Well it’s not necessary for you to have read the story yet, you will be expected to should you choose to apply for this position and be accepted. Thank you so much in advance for any volunteers, and we wish you all the best of luck! (Find the form here.)

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Spiderses Part II - Sorry Russia

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    September 15, 2011-2012

    2011 - We hit 40 million, a 100 page over analysis of pony, and a Luna game!

    2012 - Build-A-Bear includes ponies in a survey.