• Ponies in the Media: Global News - Toronto on Ponies / Huffington Post Pony Resume / Tara Strong Heading to TableTop

    Global News did a quick four minute long report on the MLP phenomenon up in Canada.  Loads of people were interviewed at the Canadian Pony Fan Expo that happened last week.  They grabbed Tara Strong for a few little blurbs as well.  Head on over here to check it out!

    Huffington Post - My Little Pony Resume Belongs To Either The Least Or Most Employable Person Ever

    Huffington Post had a quick article in the comedy section about a MLP resume someone mocked up.  Would you be hardcore enough to apply with something like that? 

    TableTop With Tara Strong

    The guys at TableTop on Youtube have Tara Strong on next week.  I'll post that video when it pops up, but for now, you can find the announcement video, as well as TableTop's Youtube channel here

    Thanks to everyone that sent all of these in!