• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 14

    Behold, the glory of the sun! Shining ever brighter, Celestia takes on new forms to shine her countenance down upon you! Transformation is a part of life, and whether that means you become a princess or a firebird or even a badass pony luchador, in the end it's often for the better. We have reached the end of another week; can you feel yourself changing yet? Don't be shy, I bet you'd be surprised. Today was another great chance to show off some creativity, and another case where you all knocked it out of the park. All told, another 309 ponies and things that might once or never have been ponies showed up at our front door, bring the grand event total to a fantastic and astonishing 5812 images! This means we have officially surpassed the year 1 final tally less than halfway through the event! Just... wow. Never doubt your power again.

    How's everybody feeling? Still going strong, or are you starting to get a little bit tired? It's ok if you are, I think that's pretty natural after two weeks of such an intense event like this one. This space in our gallery posts is reserved for reminders, and today's is an important one: don't get mad at yourself if you miss a day for whatever reason. It doesn't mean you're out, and it doesn't mean anybody will think any less of you. If it happens, dust yourself off and give it another go!

    But today is all about changes! We've got pokemon and majora's mask references to go with our alicornifications and changelings galore. A solid snake or two does the trick, to sneak on in and see what else is going on inside. It's transformation central! Reformation Central Transmogrification Central! You're changing, you're changing, you're changing all right! I hope you're satisfied... but if you ain't! Don't blame me! You can blame my friends on the other side. Ensuing voodoo, darkness, and blowing out of finger smoke.

    ....Right then! Let's set our black magics and our references aside for long enough to give you guys a prompt! It's a new week with new lessons, in the great ocean of artistic endeavors, where sometimes things can feel a tad overwhelming. Idea! Let's give a voice to that and head out on a voyage. Today, Draw a pony lost at sea/Draw a pony drifting. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time (that's United States west coast, all you folks from out of country!) on Thursday, August 29. Keep a weather eye on the horizon!