• Nightly Roundup #710

    Celestia and Wind Waker? Yes please! Just look at that wingspan!

    More like a meetup post tonight than a Roundup. Pretty slow news day I've got to say unfortunately. Check what we have after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    EMYC Chalk Fluttershy

    Always love pony chalk drawings. What a nice way to share pony.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Bronies of Utah

    The Bronies of Southern Utah and the Bronies of SUU group bring you THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA (minus the lousy princes, the snobby nobles, etc.)!!!
    We can't believe it's finally here! With all that we've imagined, the reality of this night is sure to make it… (you guessed it) THE BEST NIGHT EVER!

    For your entertainment purposes the following instructions on the location and details of the GRAND GALLOPING GALA will be performed by several dozen fully animated ponies in your imagination and set to a musical score.

    At the Galaaaa~

    At the Gala: (Fluttershy)
    In the Hurricane Utah Library (36 south 300 west, Hurricane, Utah 84737) - you're going to see it all;
    All the bronies, they'll befriend you at the Gala!
    Bring a friend, come and join us; we love and tolerate all,
    And escape the lousy weather, Saturday 7/13 is the Gala!

    At the Gala: (Applejack)
    You will hear them: all those pony-tastic beats!
    Slow and high-speed, we'll have it all, and requests are something neat!
    And we'll even have local music performed by live musician bronies~

    At the Gala: (Rarity)
    our co-admin Kat, has lead the way for all,
    to ensure that we are entertained at the Gala~
    If you don't come, and you're not busy, it is guaranteed that we
    will witch hunt you down and force you to come to the Gala!

    Don't forget: it's a formal; (Rainbow Dash)
    buttoned shirts and dresses are normal!
    Bowties are cool, suspenders too, hair clips, and any nice shoes.
    Hitch a ride if you don't got one: just let us know, don't feel shunned!
    The party starts at right and ends at twelve!

    And here at the Grand Gala (Pinkie Pie)
    We've prepared the best party!
    There's gonna be games like dancing cake walk and pin the tail on the pony!
    So if you don't feel like dancing you can always join the jamboree;
    we're together, horsin' around, at the Hurricane library~

    At the Gala: (Twilight Sparkle)
    It's a free dance, don't sweat if you're low on money!
    And let us know beforehand if you have any allergies~
    Be sure to take some pictures, it's going to be a great memory!
    /end musical number

    THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA will be held at 36 south 300 west, Hurricane, Utah 84737 starting at 8:00 going until 12:00.
    Our Facebook page is here if you have any questions about the event (ask Kat, Robert, or Joe):

    Brony Music and formal dancing - dates are encouraged BUT NOT NEEDED!
    Formal dress or you're very best! You Guys and Gals are going to look marvelous!

    No dinner at this event, just a ton of pony-themed snacks! We'll have live music AND other Brony tunes, some slow dances and dubstep!

    Carpool rides are currently being arranged. If you need a ride please say so and someone should deal with your issue shortly. also, if you want to volunteer your extra seats.. PLEASE DO!

    We're excited to see everyone!

    Zader City Meetup

    First brony meetup in Dalmatia.
    Meetup plan: Meeting up on Zadar riviera on Pozdrav suncu where after meeting up and getting to know each other, we'll go to Cinestar Zadar cinema where we'll go watch Pacific Rim. After the movie, we'll hang out and see what people want to do.
    Meeting place: Pozdrav Suncu, Zadar City
    Meeting time: 17.00h, Saturday 13th of July.
    Well go to 19.35h screening of the film
    for all further info, mail at [email protected] or call on +385977739001

    event link:
    Croatia Bronies: https://www.facebook.com/zagreb.bronies.cronies

    Auto Assembly Meetup

    Are you a Brony & Transformers fan? headed to Auto Assembly 2013 between the 8th & 12th August 2013?
    If the answer to any of these questions is yes then there's good news for you. A Brony meet up/ chill out will take place throughout the con with at least one MLP cosplayer ( that's be me, Irish Big Macintosh) in full costume on Saturday. If your at all interested I can be reached on twitter @jiraiya_RR, YouTube (see the video) or email [email protected] And we can organise a time where the magic of friendship can be shared in a very friendly environment.
    Hope to see you there every-pony!

    Get more information here!

    2013 California State Fair Meetup

    Hello everyone! It that time again. The California State Fair began and that means it's time for another meetup with the Bronies of North California. Last year's meetup was a blast and we're hoping to have another great time this year, but we're a little short on people attending. If you're interested in joining, check up our meetup page at http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-of-Northern-California/events/128302482/

    Hope to you all there.

    Today In Pony History

    July 13, 2011-2012

    2011 - Ponies Round the World Round 1 is posted and we put up a Minecraft compilation post.

    2012 - A season 3 song leaks and a Double Rainboom promo is released.