• EPCU Merch Challenge Winners!

    Awhile back, four of the big pony conventions in Europe came together to offer upper tier tickets as prizes for participants sending in the best pictures of their pony collections. After much deliberation, the results are in! Check after the break for the full scoop.

    Greetings everypony!

    Our EPCU Merch challenge has ended. We have gone through all the submissions, and we are finally ready to announce our winners!  We had some really great entries, and it was hard to choose from the entrants, but now we have our final four!

    Each convention used criteria important to them to choose a winner for this amazing prize.

    BronyDays’ winner, for a Fancy Ticket, is: Pidi
    Crystal Fair’s winner, for a Gold Sponsor Ticket, is: NorthernCross
    GalaCon’s winner, for a BIZAAM Ticket, is: Atelok
    BUCK’s winner, for a 20% Cooler & SSC Ticket, is: Siora

    So what happens now?

    It’s quite straightforward! All winners will receive a private message on the Eurobronies.org forum, which will include details on how to get a hold of their chosen ticket!

    Congratulations everypony and thank you for participating. We’ll see you at the conventions!

    The EPCU Team, and the Con Mascots