• Random Merch: Items in Stock, Coupon Code Discounts and New Items Galore!

    Quite a few tiny pieces of merchandise news popped up today, so I figured I'd put it all together and save some posting space for other things!

    First off, Toywiz sent us another coupon code, this time specifically for the series seven blindbags we posted the other day.    Just toss "Cupcake" into the promo box at the end for 10% off.  If you already bought them, you can call toywiz directly to have it retroactively applied to your order. 

    Head on down below the break for more Random Merch!

    Rarity and Derpy Necklace

    These two are now available at Hot Topic.  Thanks to rai_loh for the heads up!

    Masked Ponies now Invading Stores

     These guys are starting to flood just about everywhere, these in particular at Toys R' Us.  It looks like those things are made out of cardboard, but I could be wrong! At least that movie pony is available now.

    Thanks to Greg for the image. 

    Pinkie Pie Cake

    And over in Japan, we have a bit of cake made by Bushiroad, the sponsors of the MLP dub.  Thanks to inho for the heads up!

    Derpy and Rainbow Dash Funko Toys heading to Toys R' Us

    Just in case you were all avoiding hot topic for whatever reason, the Funko toys appear to be heading over to Toys R' Us now.  Use those gift cards!

    Thanks to Jennifer for the heads up!


    Another lunchbox design has popped up over on Toywiz.  Find it here!

    Fanny Pack

    And finally, we have a fanny pack.  Back to the 90's we gooo!

    Thanks to Taps for the heads up.