• EQLA Announces Amy Keating Rogers

    MLP Writer Amy Keating Rogers will be heading over to EQLA later in the year.  Full press release after the break!

    Equestria LA Announces Amy Keating Rogers!

    That's right! You may have heard it earlier on twitter, but Amy Keating Rogers is now officially confirmed for Equestria LA this May 10th through 12th!

    Where, do you ask? Why, the Marriott Anaheim in California, of course!

    Amy Keating Rogers, if you're not already aware (and of course you are), is one of the wonderful writers from Friendship is Magic. Having written episodes such as The Ticket Master, Bridle Gossip, and The Last Roundup, we are more than enthused to have Amy at Equestria LA this year. If you want to meet her, make sure to register now, and don't forget that if you use our hotel rate and stay in-venue that there are additional perks to be had! Interested in those perks? Follow this link.

    Which reminds us, Odyssey (Eurobeat Brony) has also since been added to our musician roster. Equestria LA is already a party, and yet we still have more to announce in the upcoming weeks until the event. Stay excited, everyone!

    As a friendly reminder, registration CLOSES April 19, 2013 at midnight Pacific Time, so get in on the action soon or you'll miss out! Military discounts, child tickets with Parent-in-tow, and single day badges will be available at the door. http://www.equestriala.com/registration.php

    If you haven’t made your hotel arrangements for Equestria LA yet, we (again) must strongly recommend staying at the convention hotel, The Anaheim Marriott. By following this link, you can take advantage of the fantastic deal EQLA has arranged of only $115 USD per night!

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    Thank you,
    -The Equestria LA Team