• Random Merch: Valentines Day Cards, DVD packs, Fluttershy Plushies, and more!

    It looks like a couple of different variations on Valentines Day cards have popped up at various retailers in both Europe and the USA.  Up above on the left was found at a store called Stop and Shop, and the one on the right (and below)  was located at Kroger in Georgia.   Thanks to Tom and ArtisticDoe for the images, as well as everyone else that submit them!

    Onward to random merch!

    Funrise Fluttershy Popping Up

    I'm not sure if I already posted this, but quite a few people have been running into the Funrise Fluttershy plushie.  I guess we can consider her officially out! This was found at Walmart by Vlad if the receipt didn't already tip you off to that. 

    3 Pack DVD's in Canada

    It looks like Shout has released 3 pack DVD's up in Canada.  Sadly one of the included movies is a g3.5 thing.  You do get the Royal Wedding and Friendship Express discs though!  Thanks to Ragebob for the heads up!

    Pinkie Pie with a Music Hairbrush

    For all you collectors out there that just can't get enough Pinkie Pie, a new one is popping up, though currently only sellers on Ebay have it as far as we have seen.  Chances are it's floating around at various retailers.  They usually don't broadcasts these releases!

    Thanks to Jessica for the heads up!

    Reading Around Set

    Books! Second only to figures in the pony merch world for whatever reason!

    This set was found at a store called Century 21 Department Store in New York! Thanks to Jamie for the heads up!

    Journey Friendship is Magic Bags

    A couple of pony bags have popped up for all you high school badasses out there.  Both were found at Journeys Kidz.  Thansk to Stitch for the heads up! 

    And that about covers it for RANDOM MERCH! Thanks to everyone for sending the stuff in! Keep an eye out for more!