• Album Compilation - January 3rd Edition

    It seems like just last week we had an album compilation! It looks like everyone decided to start submitting right after it though!

    We have a pile of albums this time, from various artists and genres at prices ranging from free to eight bucks.  Head on down past the break to take a look! And click the album cover to go to their store/preview pages.

    Artist: Ponydonn
    Title: A Year in Equestria
    Genre: Rock, Acoustic, Dance, Orchestral

    Description: I am a professional audio engineer, musician, and the Director of Audio/Visual for the Everfree NW convention. I've been making music and records for over 20 years but I have never been so inspired to create songs to share with others who love these small horses. In addition to working on this project over the course of the last year I've been fortunate to be a part of the Bronies for Good projects: Smile and Seeds of Kindness. Inspired by the music the show and guys like PinkiePieSwear, JackleApp, makkon, AlexS, ismbof, NACP, Mic the Microphone, Glaze, Odyssey, Beatle Bronies, Neighslayer and so many other talented musical bronies. I had the chance to meet and work with many of them during Ponystock/Everfree NW. It was amazing moment when i was mixing the live show for Mandopony, AcousticBrony and Michele Creber, with Daniel Ingram standing next to me listening to the mix on headphones!! I'm hoping next year I'll be on stage performing for crowds of thousands.

    Artist: Aviators
    Title: Canterlot Carols
    Genre: Rock

    Description: Canterlot Carols is an EP to celebrate the holiday season we all know and love. On the EP are some well known Christmas songs, as well an an original Hearth's Warming song. The EP features the talents of Bronyfied and Poni1Kenobi, as well as a remix from Vortex!

    Artist: General Mumble
    Title: Fowl Play: The Best of General Mumble 2011​-​2012
    Genre: Dubstep Drum & Bass Electronic

    Description: It basically contains my most popular, and what I think are my better tracks since I became, well, popular. There are 22 tracks in total, with maybe 5 or 7 being non-pony, just to let you know.

    Artist: Blaze
    Title: Wub Blaster
    Genre: Dubstep

    Description: This has 7 slightly newer songs in high quality on a small discount while also including 2 new and exclusive tracks, Assertiveness & Fly Away."

    Artist: Doofcake
    Title: When Worlds Collapse
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: Pinkamena Diane awakes from inside.
    The others behind the wall begin to stare at Pinkamena again.
    The clones break the wall too much.
    Just as expected, the immense breaking of the wall has resulted in gigantic rifts in the skies of Equestria.
    Pinkamena can do nothing but watch in terror. The world is about to collapse. Despite Pinkamena being just a young pony, she decides she has to do something. She caused this, she can reverse it.

    Artist: Colortwelve and Vladnuke
    Title: Stalliongrad EP
    Genre: IDM/Drum n' Bass/Dubstep

    Description:This is an album which was in the making for a few months. It comprises a few of Colortwelve and Vladnuke's favorite genres, inspired by such acts as Renard, Boards of Canada and Pendulum. Most of the tracks in here are pony-inspired, and all are given flavor by the community (especially MLR). With that said, here's Stalliongrad, an album made by two bronies.


    Artist: Chords of Chaos
    Title: Holiday Cheer: Wintertime in Canterlot
    Genre: Orchestral, Electronic

    Description: Holiday Cheer: Wintertime in Canterlot is a compilation of songs about an Equestrian winter, and our respective views on the subject. It ranges from happy sleigh bell music to more ominous atmospheres. Proceeds go to Your Siblings, a charity working to better the lives of children in third-world countries

    Artist: Neon Jalapeño
    Title: Cynicism EP
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: The Cynicism EP is an album made up of three original tracks by Neon Jalapeño and four remixes. The three original tracks include the popular drumstep track "Cynicism", the aggressive dubstep track "Tyrant", and the complex electro house track, "Queen of the Night". The four remixes are all of the title track, including a glitch hop remix by F3nning, an experimental trap remix by Cherax Destructor, a seemingly genreless remix by Ducks Unlimited, and a remix fusion electronica with rock by Vaceslav.

    Artist: Multiple Artists
    Title: Sori 52
    Genre: SoGreatandPowerful has his own genre!

    Description: Sori 52: a SoGreatandPowerful Tribute Album is a compilation of art inspired by, and dedicated to SoGreatandPowerful, an artist whose works stand out not only within the brony community, but in the general music spectrum, as having a character, diversity, and ingenuity unique to them. It is a display of the direct influence of his creations on people’s creativity, and why not, on their emotions as well. This is a token of gratitude for a sentiment that resonates within those who contributed the music of this album.

    Artist: Dash Dub
    Title: Dreams
    Genre: Lullasynth

    Description: This Album is a collection of my most recent songs. It is full of relaxing songs, lullabys, a little soft rock, etc. As Always for me, these songs are available for free by mp3 on the youtube song itself. Enjoy!