• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #9

    Considering how the royal sisters have stained glass for every event I'm surprised we don't see more stained glass ponies in the real world. When we do though, they certainly turn out to be mind blowing!

    Another batch of crazy creative creations coming your way after the break!

    Source 1
    Stained Glass Luna

    Source 2
    Philomena the Phoenix

    Source 3
    Blu-tack Rarity

    Source 4
    Blu-tack Pinkie Pie and Gummy

    Source 5
    Blu-tack Princess Celestia

    Source 6
    Fluttershy and Angel Cross-Stitch (by my sister)

    Source 7
    Applejack 3D print [COMMISSIONS OPEN]

    Source 8
    Battle Twilight 3D Print [COMMISSIONS OPEN]

    Source 9
    Surprise 3D Print [COMMISSIONS OPEN]

    Source 10
    King Sombra 3D Print

    Source 11
    Nightmare Moon 3D Print

    Source 12
    Pirate Dash - Final single

    Source 13
    Roseluck - single

    Source 14
    Custom Spike the Dragon

    Source 15
    Derpy Hoop

    Source 16
    Littlepip sculpture

    Source 17
    MLP Doctor Whooves Sculpt

    Source 18

    Source 19
    OC Pony Captain Mal Mini-Me

    Source 20

    Source 21
    King Sombra Transforming OOAK

    Source 22
    Woona - Filly Luna

    Source 23
    Sweetie Belle at the Ball pony ornament

    Source 24
    TARDIS and Travelers Woodwork Set

    Source 25
    Orion Star OC Pony Commission

    Source 26
    More Rarity!

    Source 27
    Fluttershy and Butterfly

    Source 28
    Shining ArmoUr

    Source 29

    Source 30
    Golden Harvest/Carrot Top Scarf

    Source 31
    Twilight Sparkle Scarf

    Source 32
    Princess Luna Silver Coin

    Source 33
    Princess Celestia Gold Coin

    Source 34
    Rainbow Dash Stained Glass

    Source 35 - Engle
    Cutie Mark Ornament

    Source 36 - Chelle
    Ponyville in a Chest

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