• Story: The Secret Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Paper_mate_Pony
    Description: Dearest Billy,

    It is with a heavy hand that I must relay: He is dead, and passed away among his bees only some hours ago. I, too, am not long of this earth, thus it falls to you to publish my final wish. The attached parcel is my tin box--you have ferried it hither and thither before--and it is where notes from all our adventures, spanning two centuries, as many wars and three monarchs had been safely kept. The remaining bundles within, however, we agreed some time ago to never publish, lest our reputations be shredded. However, with his passing heavy on my mind, I cannot forget such cases, so singular and impressive that they prove, without a doubt, that Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective London, Britannia, and Worlds beyond our farthest imaginations could ever have known.These cases will confuse you--perhaps even tarnish your memories of us--but mark my words: they are as true and real as the paper upon which you read this letter.

    Most Faithfully,
    Dr John. H. Watson MD
    The Secret Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (New Part 3!)

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