• 2 Day Drawing Training Grounds - Service Edition

    It's New Years! Why do these keep dropping on holidays?  I blame Applejack.   For the sake of all of your sanities as you recover from tonight, this will be two days long as opposed to the usual one day. 

    As requested by Phoe, we will also be rolling with a single prompt to make things a bit easier as opposed to the three tier system that has been the norm.  This is the training ground after all!

    Now have a goal: 
    A pony has agreed to follow the noble dragon code! Draw them helping with something!
    How they help, why they help, and what they do to help is up to you!

    The usual rules apply outside two day deadline of Wednesday January 2nd 11:59 PM PST (7:59 AM GMT) deadline.  Late entries have a chance at sneaking in, but it will close some time after that so be ready!

    Head on over here and click the "2 Day Drawing Training Grounds - Service Edition" event to submit.