• Charity Reports: Donations from Each!

    We had a few charities from around the fandom submit some financial reports on where exactly your hard earned money went!  It's  amazing how much we have sent off to support these various causes throughout the year.  You guys are awesome!

    Head on down past the break for all of them!

    Brony Thank You Fund

    The Brony Thank You Fund started off as a way to thank the creators of the show for their hard work via a commercial on the hub, but evolved into a full blown charity organization.  They sent in a list of what has been donated so far:
    * The Brony Thank You Fund brought in $38,761 in donations in 2012, during only 8 months of operations!
    * The Fund donated $18,960 to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, including $7,000 in cash.
    * The Fund spent 22% ($8,873) of their income on printing, postage, credit card fees, and other operating costs
    * This includes more than $1,000 in one-time costs such as registration with the IRS
    * Charities that spend less than 25% of their income on overhead are considered top-quality charities
    * The Fund currently has $10,928 in assets, more than 20% of the way to funding the CalArts scholarship.
    More information can be found here!

    Seeds of Kindness

    Seeds of Kindness was another one of the heavy hitters, with multiple projects that raised quite a bit of money for charity.  Their full report can be found below:
    For Bronies for Good, founded in 2011, this was the first full year of fundraising, and with almost $110,000 raised, certainly a successful one!

    There are various complications involved in calculating an exact figure for our first major fundraiser Smile!—different currency, spanning of 2011 and 2012, Global Giving fees, etc.—but we have tried to compensate for them. The other fundraisers are straightforward. In each case, the authoritative currency is shown in boldface (unless different currencies are mixed), the other currency calculated based on a current rate of €1 = $1.3185.

    Seeds of Kindness€39,931$52,649
    Seeds of Kindness 2€24,710$32,580

    Moreover, our two Nurse Red Heart’s Round-Up drives raised 54 liters of blood in total.

    Everfree Northwest Charity Auction
    As is the norm for conventions, there was a charity auction at Everfree Northwest, and this one dropped a whopping $13,535 on Seattle Children's Hospital. Full press release below:

    "Dear Pony Friends,

    We have had a lot to be thankful for this year. You all helped to make the first Everfree Northwest a rousing success. And as the Christmas holiday winds to a close and the New Year fast approaches, we are constantly reminded that for Bronies, the season for giving never ends. In less than four hours during our live Charity Auction, generous fans, artists, and voice actors worked together to raise $13,535 for the Seattle Children's Hospital. Shortly before Christmas, our staff were able to deliver these funds in person to the Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation in Seattle. The vast majority if these funds were donated to the Uncompensated Care Fund, a pool that allows Seattle Children's to continue its mission of delivering the highest quality medical care to children, regardless of their family's ability to pay. The rest has been allocated to their Research Discovery Fund, which goes toward finding more effective and innovative treatments for the diseases of today, which will hopefully become the cures of tomorrow. While $13,535 may seem like a lot, Seattle Children's still relies on the kind donations of those determined to do good in order to continue serving sick children and their families. For those who were not able to attend our charity auction, you can still give to SCH here:

    Below you can see the highlight of the charity auction, where a Brony puts his beloved Derpy toy up for auction, only to have it bid on and gifted back to him by the winning bidder. If there was one moment to represent what our community is about, this would surely be it:

    Happy New Year, everypony--We hope to see you all at Everfree Northwest 2013!

    Support Kiki's Treatment Fund

    We seem to have unofficially adopted Kiki, and so far quite a bit has been sent over to her charity fund across various auctions and drives.  So far according to her Give Forward page, we have hit a whopping $45,690! Not bad!