• Nightly Roundup #470

    Time for some Fluttershy to end your evening with! She might not be my favorite pony, but I can't deny how incredibly cute she is.

    News time everyone! Your daily dose of pony after the break.

    My Little Fortress 2: The Last Dispenser

    Been feeling a little down lately so let's start with something funny shall we?

    "The Beat" Talks Pony

    Given the incredible success of the first MLP comic during the pre-order phase, The Beat has done a short, but very positive article on the comic series! It's certainly worth checking out, so take a read at the link below.

    Article Link

    Yummy Cake!

    My birthday is actually coming up this Friday. Another year older...

    Carnegie Mellon University (CMUBronies) Chalk Rarity

    Full Gallery

    Small Horse Amnesia Custom Story Update!

    The ever insane Small Horse custom story for Amnesia has updated! Check it out in the vid above.

    MENSA Holds Greatest Toy of All Time Challenge

    Not sure why MENSA is holding a challenge to figure out the greatest toy, but apparently that is the case! Currently My Little Pony is faced up against Tickle Me Elmo and voting includes non-members so feel free to vote if you are inclined to do so! Check out the link to the challenge below.

    MENSA Greatest Toy Challenge


    New Lunar Radio - Anonthony Interview

    Calcos and Darkman interview Anonthony, Founder of MLPChan!

    Episode Link 

    Reddit Link


    Successful Meetups

    St. Petersburg Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Last Sunday (October, 14th) bronies of St. Petersburg (http://vk.com/saint_ponyville) had a little sort-of-weekly meet-up.
    We started with an excursion to the Kunstkamera museum. You know, what could be a better beginning for a day off, than two hours of some education? I believe, Twi would surely approve. Also, there was discovered a mysterious magitech device which turned out to be a portal to Equestria! (it heats up water and food in regions like Tibet, too, but who cares) It was short-lived, though, but people, you wouldn't even believe what we sa-
    err, now where I stopped? After the museum, we proceeded to the pizzeria where a large table (about twenty bronies attended to the meet-up) had been reserved. We had some eating/drinking, some PMV-watching, everything-discussing, and a bit of drawing. Alltogether, we had a lot of fun, and at least three or so pencils sharpened to death.
    A darn nice Sunday.
    You can find some photos here: http://imageshack.us/g/1/9815531/

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    University of Oregon Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    Hello! My name is Patricia, and a fellow University of Oregon brony and I are putting together our campus' first meet-up! Our first day together will be this Saturday (Oct. 20th) at 4pm. We will be meeting in Bean West of the north-eastern corner, but if you are unsure of how to get there, you may walk with me from the Carson lobby starting at 3:30pm. We will all get to know one another, watch a few episodes, and discuss what our vision is for the herd. Either join the Facebook UO Bronies group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363638523673115/, or join the event page for it at https://www.facebook.com/events/371492319595988/. You may also email me at [email protected]. We hope to see you there!
    UCLA Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    This is the President of the new pony group UCLA Bronies. We are a new group on the UCLA campus, the only group for ponies on campus, We just finished officially setting up the group this week. We currently only have four members and I was hoping you could help spread the word to any bronies that would be interesting in joining. Once we get the club stable we hope to reach out into the LA area as a whole. We formed this group because none of us could find one in this area and couldn't believe it. We are in the process of setting up a weekly meeting time and finding an artist to draw our mascot.
    The goal of this club is to form a creative and intellectual network of UCLA and Southern Californian My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans based in Los Angeles. We plan on trying to get workshops together in different area to help with the creativity that springs up within the My Little Pony community. 
    We can be contacted at our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/493570473996166/ or by email at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer any questions in a timely matter.

    WoW Guild

    Copy Paste:

    Hi, With Mists of Pandaria  having come out a few friends and I decided to pick the game back up and resume playing. Along the way we decided to make a guild, does mostly raids/dungeons and PvP, and keep it pony themed. Naturally this didn't strike very many WoW players as fun to be in, they preferred more hardcore guilds. However, if anyone wants to join were mostly laid back and dont fight/argue,  we dont tolerate much fighting either, the details are below. 

    Location - US
    Server - Greymane
    Name - MLP Alliance
    PST/Whisper - Insanepony or Diamondtiara (<- thats me yay!)

    Currently level 11, Alliance guild so sorry to our fellow horde bronies (Yes, they exist.)

    Picture of the member list so far below: 
    Giggle at the Ghostly 2012 Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Giggle At The Ghostly 2012
    by Friendship is Magic at the University of Washington

    Come celebrate Nightmare Night pony style with games, food, and a costume contest!

    Meetup link for details
    Luna vector credit


    Hi, I'm CouchCrusader, EqD pre-reader and dude, and I'd like to take a moment to talk about human fingers.

    Friendship is Magic @ UW brings together bronies of all walks of life within the Greater Seattle area every week for a night of pony episodes, arts and crafts, discussions, and other forms of enforced socialization. Pulling this off week after week isn't expensive because the club knows the right people--to threaten. However, gathering a group of thirty or so people every week for thirty-one weeks does add up over time, and so we turn to the charity of the crowd.

    Club funds pay for things like rooms, programming, craft supplies, food, and PARTIES! In fact, you probably noticed we're having one very soon! Though bylaws keep us from fundraising for specific events, I can tell you that the generosity of our friends and members let us enjoy treats like cupcakes, chips, pizza, and prizes on occasion. I can also tell you that I will stop at nothing to make sure this club continues to enjoy refreshments and petits cadeaux. If the club runs out of money, I will chop off fingers until everyone is satisfied. That's right, fingers! I have up to ten.

    Of course, donations sent our way can prevent this unfortunate fantasy from coming true. I've become attached to my hands as of late. So, the choice is yours. If you believe our club is worthy of a few dollars, be it $1 or $10, send them our way and we'll be very grateful! If you don't, fingers. We'll work it out either way.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Donate at our student site or send Paypal to [email protected].