• Rainbow Dash Makeup Tutorial: Be A Pretty Pretty Pony!

    This woman is named Jen. She runs a fashion blog called From Head to Toe. She is also fond of ponies, and really really really good with makeup. I assume these traits are correlated. You guys are all super makeup experts, right?

    What? No? Well... huh. I guess there's no time like the present to start! Regardless of whether or not you dream of being a pretty pony princess, or even know a person who could rock this look, I think we can all agree that it's a gorgeous look.

    Certain other members of the blog refused to post this themselves, handing it to me and citing masculinity, but let's set that aside and admire a really cool effort at a tribute to ponies that doesn't involve the word "cosplay". If this sort of thing intrigues you, check out her blog. Or just click below the page break to see the tutorial video containing copious usage of the phrase, "My Little Ponies".

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