• Discussion: Do you Openly Show off My Little Pony in Real Life?

    You are all here because you have some form of dedication to a show about cartoon equines discovering the joys of Friendship.  Obviously, many would see that as a taboo subject, and because of this, I'm sure each of you have your own way of reacting to it outside of the comforts of the pony filled internet.  You really can't go anywhere in the electronic world without running into at least a forum avatar of Rainbow Dash.   This isn't so for real life!

    So how do far do you stretch your ponydom into your every day lives?   Do your friends and family know about it?  Or are you completely secretive with not a trace of it outside of your computer?

    And while you are here, what is your favorite part of the actual community aspect? This can include meetups, music, art, fan videos, and anything else we create that isn't officially produced by Hasbro or their affiliates.

    tl;dr: What is your power level?