• Nightly Roundup #398

    Amaterasu and Rainbow Dash edition!  Because why not?

    Have some roundup.

    Filly Gamez and Vinyl Scratch Tapes Teaser

    Filly Gamez has teamed up with Vinyl Scratch Tapes with a short audio teaser of their upcoming game. They also say a new trailer should be up in a week! Can't wait to see it!

    School Paper Completely Ponified

    Why not?

    Have a source!

    August Pony Writing Contest on Ponychan

    Copy Paste:
    Hello again Everypony!

    Ever mused on how much Power Celestia really possess? How about Luna? Or what about Twilight?

    Well, here’s an opportunity for you to try and astound us all with the feats one or more of these ponies can conjure.

    This is the first of what I intend to keep as monthly writing contests. I previously held a larger contest with a theme of Romance, but these will be a bit smaller in scope, and as such the requirements will be a bit easier. The prizes may vary from month to month, but below you’ll find it all in detail.
    The goal of the contest:
    1: Write a story focused on Power. It can be any genre you want, but one or more character must show their very best.
    2: The story has to focus on Celestia, Luna or any of the Mane 6 doing something spectacular.
    3: The story should be approximately 5,000 words in length.
    4: The story must follow the general guidelines on fanfiction that can get posted to EQD.
    The final day to submit your story is the 30th of August.

    Additional information, and a FAQ, can be found here:

    Bronies on Vinyl Interest Followup

    Copy Paste:
    After the first survey regarding interest in pony music on records, the popular vote was for The Living Tombstone, and he has expressed interest in being a part of the project! This is a simple 2 question survey that will tell me whether or not people would be interested in getting his music on a record, and whether or not there is interest in having music from the charity albums on record (with the profits from those records going to charity). It would help a great deal if you could answer the questions! Thank you!


    Bubbles Dramatic Reading

    Check it out here!

    Celestia Radio Interviewing Brony Fan Fair and Filly Gamez

    Celestia Radio has a few neat interviews planed for today!

    Brony Fan Fair @ 5PM CDT/6 Eastern/11 GMT
    Filly Gamez @ 8PM CDT/9 Eastern/2AM GMT

    Head on over to their website for more information! 


    Successful Meetups

    Charleston Beach Meetup

    They didnt give copy pasta!


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