• Nightly Roundup #289, Also Seth Can't Count

    This is what I see when I close my eyes. Every night, the exact same thing. It's day four of my escape and I've yet to find my way out of the basement of Equestria Daily HQ. The place is labyrinthine. And even worse, even though I've been eating better quality shoes and washer fungus than ever, I'm staring to hallucinate now. I'm going to chalk it up to the Draino I've been drinking instead of water, but... out of every shadow, Celestia's... fingers... grope at me, the cloying darkness presses down, the room spins...

    Nightmares edition.

    Welovefine Retiring Shirts

    It looks like Welovefine has decided to retire a few of their shirts, primarily the Skyrim ones. This is probably your last chance at them, so go grab some if you still want them!

    Pinkie Pie Skyrim Shirt

    Fluttershy Skyrim Shirt

    Ponies in School Newspaper

    Ponies invade yet another innocent newspaper!

    Ponies Still in School Newspaper

    Yet another publication has fallen to pony. The author wanted to make clear they don't actually meet up for merchandise or call themselves bronies out of solidarity; that was just copied from an earlier article.

    PMV Maker Looking for Celestia VA

    Have some copypaste, fresh off the grill:

    Would really appreciate a VA to voice for this PMV im making. It would be a real nice voice to use instead of this Transformer voice :/

    Script is the video

    Deadline: April 28th

    Need more info? Msg me (Mylittlebr0ny) on youtube

    Traveling Pony Museum Needs Donations

    The Traveling Pony Museum along with Voice Actor’s of the show are intending to head out to the Seattle Children’s Hospital to bring smiles to sick and injured kids. The Seattle Children’s hospital is united by a compelling mission: to prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease. They treat children with life threatening illnesses everyday, some of whom will need risky surgeries.  The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork of all types from artists within the fandom, big and small, as a showcase to bring to the community who may otherwise not have a chance to see such things in person. We currently have over 40 different artists on board and almost 100 pieces coming in for our summer debut.  To help us achieve our goal of bringing smiles to the children of Seattle, we need to bring the museum across the country. The museum will be attending Everfree Northwest and wants to be able to make the hospital journey as well. Money collected will be used to pay for travel expenses as well as purchasing pony toys to give out to the children.   We have opened a kickstarter to raise money so head on over to check out our efforts with the link below. There are even rewards for donation amounts including one of a kind merch and more!


    Friendship is Magic in Taiwan

    Friendship is Magic is apparently coming to Taiwan on April 19th! Details here.


     Babble with Bronies, Episode 14

    Greetings everyone!

    For episode 14, the staff of Brony State will once again stop by for an interview! I hope you join us.

    This will take place on Saturday, April 14th at 3:00 pm CST USA (1500 hrs) (UTC -5 with DST in effect)

    Find the live broadcasting on our websites, click here.
    As always, email: [email protected]
    Hope to see you there!

    Bronies React- Derpy Bonus

    Carry-on Travel Activity Kit Vlog


    Successful Meetups

     Our Day was beautiful. At First we meet at the Train Station. Then we went to different places to make Photos and playing around. After that we go to the Bowling Center. There we have lots of fun. We played like the CMC. And everypony stare at us, but it was so much *yay*. After that we traveled to a bar. Where we get our own Party room. There we played Kicker and watch the new episode. We sing the Opening Theme together and drink a lot of Cider.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    Bronycon Austin

    Doubletree hotel or Austin Community Center are the places we're considering renting
    Food will run like this
    People will pay for booths to sell food and keep what money they make and/or we could have catering (will increase ticket cost).
    Same thing for art and pony swag
    Entertainment we'll have to work out
    I think Flaedr, Pixel Bass, All levels at once (<-- HUGE maybe, he does live in Austin), and Royal Canterlot Voice might be available for our locating
    There will be karaoke
    We will attempt to get guest speakers.
    The price will depend on the amount of attendees, we need to balance out ticket sales with renting costs.
    GRAND GALLOPING GALA <--- Not exactly sure how important this is.
    Formal wear, bring a date if you want to. <--- Don't think formal wear is happening.
    The date is August 4th. <--- THIS IS IMPORTANT

    They also have a survey they'd like people to fill out here! 

    Meetup for bronies in Hawaii on the island Oahu.
    Location -  Neal S. Blaisdell Park, Waimalu, HI (Park right past Best Buy in Pearl City)
    Date - 4/14
    Time - 12PM to 4 PM
    Facebook Group

    Thank you,
    808 Bronies.
     Runescape Brony Event

    New Lunar Republic vs Solar Empire 

    The ultimate showdown of the followers of Luna vs the followers of Celestia, let all of runescape shake with the fury of the two deity's armies facing off in a battle that'll be sure to rock the realms of Runescape and Equestria alike! If you are interested join the clan "Bronyville", send a message to "Rainbw Dash", or visit the forum link below to sign up and let your voice and sword clash against the non believers!
    Forum with details here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff- Rainbow Dash Edition, Apparently

    Rainbow Dash Plushie
    Rainbow Dash Painitng
    Rainbow Dash Keyring
    Derpy and Rose Painting
    Rainbow Da- Uh, I mean, Vinyl Scratch Keyring