• Cadence and Shining Armor to Appear in NY Times Wedding Section

    The hype continues to build as the countdown to the season finale rolls on. The Hub has arranged for the New York Times to announce the wedding of the century in their weddings section this Sunday. Which, really, is only appropriate for a ceremony of this magnitude. How many times are we going to get to experience a wedding for ponies? And for a princess, no less!

    This article from popwatch contains, in addition to some half decent pony puns, a full clipping of the article to be displayed. You should check it out to see some interesting tidbits such as Princess Cadence's full name and her relationship to Twilight's family. See also, the first official journalistic quoting of Pinkie Pie.

    The 21st really can't get here fast enough. I want my ponies in pretty dresses, already!