• FLASH EVENT: Write a 300 Word Story!

    We haven't done this in forever! Can you write a badass/heartwarming/rofl fanfic in just 300 words!?  Can you bust out a masterpiece with so little leg room?!

    The Topic:
    Everypony has completely lost control of their manes and tails!  What mysterious force is causing hair everywhere to seemingly have a mind of it's own!?  Is it a new villian attempting to corrupt ponyville one sideburn at a time?! Or maybe Twilight secretly screwed up a spell and doesn't know how to reverse it?

    It's up to you to think of something interesting and creative, in just 300 words.  You have only a 25 word cusion, it cannot exceed 325, and it cannot be below 275.

    Nothing specific! Set a goal for tomorrow afternoon when this post is on page two?

    Have a word count tool.

    Toss your story in the comments below!

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