• Rainbow Dash Xbox 360

    I wonder if, instead of a red ring of death, this produces a rainbow ring of death.

    Nightowl3090 sent us this super cool Rainbow Dash-themed Xbox 360, and I think it warrants its own post. I would also totally buy it to replace mine, which broke, except I have no money- which, coincidentally, is why I haven't bought a new one to begin with.

    From the DeviantArt description:

    This is a photo of my customized Rainbow Dash Xbox 360, the plexiglass plates are hand etched acrylic and have LEDs wired at the bottom off of the Xbox's own power supply to illuminate the etchings. Everything was painted using plastic ready spray paint and primer. LEDs were hand installed and soldered after original ones had been removed (On the ring of light in front). Extra cooling via a smaller fan and upgraded oil bearing fans were replaced in the rear. The disk tray was painted using a spin art painting technique using syringes and accumulated spray paint. Deadline was 8 days to complete.

    Sweet! You can find additional pictures on his DeviantArt here, and if you're interested in buying it, the eBay page is here. There's also a walkthrough video after the break.