• Story: Under Your Wings (Update Story 2!)


    Author: Askesalsa
    Description: Scootaloo is normally a cheerful little pegasus filly, but her reactions seem strange whenever a certain subject is brought up. One night she finally shows her feelings and it is up to the ponies closest to her to help her out.
    Under Your Wings

    Additional Tags: sad, idolization, responsibility, friendship, loneliness.

    Description: Prequel to "Under Your Wings". Before she met her friends, Rainbow Dash and everypony else, Scootaloo's life was very different. This is the story of her old life.
    Single Wing Part 1
    Single Wing Part 2
    Single Wing Part 3
    Single Wing Part 4
    Single Wing Part 5
    Single Wing Part 6
    Single Wing Part 7
    Single Wing Part 8
    Additional Tags: Sad, price of pride, problems with trust


    Author: Askesalsa
    Description: Sequel to "Under Your Wings". A lot had happened to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. The question is: What will happen now?
    The Warmth Under Your Wings (New!)

    Additional Tags: Sad, cute, heartwarming, forgiveness, pride

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