• Nightly Roundup #139

    News time!

    New Banner By: Juanrock

    Milk Carton Cover Design

    A company over in Finland is running a vote for cover designs on their next milk cartons, and Derpy hooves is currently up for voting. For more information on how you can help out, hit up the ponychan thread!

    Custom Ferrarity Car

    Cereal says this thing is "Rockin'". I agree!

    Thank You Compilation Video Looking for People 

    Someone is collecting a bunch of thank you videos that will be fired off to Studio B.  Check out the video here for more information on it!



    Flankbook Shuts Down

    The guys over at Flankbook had to close their doors today due to financial issues.  They are still hoping to keep it going if they can get some form of income for the site, but for now it is too costly to keep it running.  Check out this page if you want to help!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    City of Heroes Guild

    Name: Heroes of Equestria
    Server: Virtue
    Faction: Hero
    How to join: Contact the leader under the names FIutershy (that's an uppercase i, not a lowercase L, unsurprisingly pony names have been snatched up already) or Alyson Copper, or the second-in-command under the name Passion Arrow.
    Playstation Brony Group


    Everfree Motorsport Group

    They totally bribed me with Trixie
    Everfree Motorsport is under a new domain name for those that play Forza.  Hit up the website to join! 

    San Antonio Brony Meetup

    When: October 29 6PM-11PM
    Where: 107 lemonwood, san antonio, tx 78213


    Direct Contact

    Ottawa Bronies Meetup

    When: November 19th 2011

    Where: Ottawa Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre 3pm-4:30pm Nov 19th(Requires convention pass for naru2u anime convention: http://www.naru2u.com )

    Where2: Rockin' Jonnies Diner 1272 carling ave (Across from the travelodge carling hotel/conference) OPEN MEETUP 5pm-Whenever we decide to leave (Please RSVP via [email protected] with amount of # in group )


    Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (?) 



    Arcade Stick Templates

    If you have a Madcatz Fightstick, this guy has created templates for you to print out and stick on to it.  Check out the gallery of them here!

    Lauren Faust's Last Name Explained! 

    Apparently I have been butchering her last name for months.  Lauren Faust is actually pronounced "Fow-st". 

    You can find her explanation here!

    Equestrian Tales Podcast Episode One

    Another pony podcast has popped up! Check it out here!

    Halloween Costume Contest?

    I was thinking of running a Halloween pony costume contest.  How many of you would want to do something like this?   Pic related, and awesome. 

    Source for those

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Luna Painting
    Luna Mug

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here