• Nightly Roundup #126

    Lyra hasn't had a Nightly Roundup in forever, so have some Lyra.

    This is a big one, hope you are prepared for my inevitable typos. 

    Molded Hair Pony Guide

    For those looking to swap the brushable stuff out for some much needed, show accurate, molded manes on your ponies should probably consult this guide on how to do it! It centers around Rarity, but she deserves some love right?

    Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Armegeddon Expo Brony Meetup

    When: October 29th

    Where: Auckland, New Zealand


    Akron Ohio Meetup  / Halloween Party

    Akron, OH Meet Up
    Date: October 22nd and 23rd
    Link to blog info - http://ohiobronies.blogspot.com/2011/10/akron-meetup.html

    Halloween Meet Up Party
    Date: October 28th-30th
    Link to blog info - http://ohiobronies.blogspot.com/2011/10/rainbow-factory.html

    Joplin, MO Brony Convention

    Copy Paste:
    Joplin MO is planning a Brony convention for the month of march 2012, and we still need donations, volunteers, and stores and booths to attend! any contribution you can make will be appreciated, and we will credit you or your business in the awards ceremony. if you would like to reserve ahead costs will be cut, plus you get a free convention name tag. our face book is: Brony-Con Midwest, and we would love to have you attend! as you may know, on May 22 Joplin was hit by an F5 tornado, we are going to donate all profits of the con to the rebuild Joplin fund, and to Stained glass theater west. again we still need donations to make the convention possible and everything is appreciated! Send Questions to [email protected]

    Brony Talk Show

    More radio bronies are looking to spread their vocal chords radio style. This one is scheduled to run every Thursday, with a toll free number to call in with for anyone that wants to join. Check out the website for it here!

    Rainbow Dash Guitar Game Updated with Chords

    Headline says it all, go hit it up if you were a fan of the old rendition, for a bit more depth.

    Advent Calendar Showing Up In Sweden

    Over in Norway, the Advent Calendar with all the blind bag pieces/toys has popped up at BRIO.  Go grab one if you live there I guess!

    Flutternet IRC Open

    Another pony IRC network is now open for business! Hit up http://flutternet.org/ for more information on how to connect and use it!

    So You Think Your A Brony Episode 8

    Another week, another episode.

    General Mumble / Pony Feature from the Advertising Student's perspective.

    A new article has popped up from someone working on his Advertising degree, featuring pony music remixer General Mumble and his use of social networking to expand the audience for his tracks.  Check it out here!

    New Celestia Pillow at Canterlot Displays?

    I haven't seen this one yet, but the Canterlot displays tend to have some pretty random stuff available between the various Target stores.  I was under the impression that this setup was rolling out soon, but they could very well be adding new stuff. 

    Ponymon Game Mod Demo

    >Scootaloo is Pidgey

    All my bits. Download link is in the description.

    Parody Song Seeking Singers

    Another music project is under way.  Right now it needs pretty much everyone from the mane 6.  Check out this page for more information on it.

    Pony Fridge

    It has to be said... This fridge is now 20% cooler. 

    Christian TV Reports that My Little Pony is "Possibly" Satanic 

    Behind the humongous anime eyes and marshmallow hooves, a new theory has popped up on Christian television.  While it is still unconfirmed, their is a "possibility" that Friendship is actually Satanic in origins.  Check out the video below for more information.

    In other news, Smurf plushies apparently possess small children, so bust out the lighter fluid and get to burning those old toys of yours! BY FIRE BE PURGED! 

    New Website Dedicated to Letting YOU Know if FiM is Airing this Week

    Nice and simple 

    Japanese Kids Respond to Pony

    Someone translated a bunch of comments of first-time Friendship is Magic viewers in Japan.  It looks a lot like /co/ back when the first episode aired... ahh nostalgia.  We were all so confused.

    Check it out here.

    Big Book of Brony Collaboration Seeking Artist Permission 

    Have some copy paste! 

    " The Big Book of Brony is a massive project aiming to collect, archive and organize everything brony. We will include materials created and done by the fan community and not only that, everything that has some connection with the fandom and our beloved pastel colored ponies. Our collection will hold material ranging from fanart to comics, fancitions, reviews, podcasts, meetups, cosplay, custom toys, game mods, everything ponified, clothing, charts, maps, reaction images, icon sets and forum signatures, etc. (This list is just a small example).
    Once the collection is complete, we will publish it as a tribute to the brony fandom.

    Hereby we would like to ask everypony who has ever contributed anything to the fandom, to send us an email whether they allow us to include their work or not. Please send us an email (titled PERMISSION) with your name (artist name you are credited by), webpage (if you have any) and a clear declaration of permission (or prohibition).
    (Given the vast amount of creative bronies and overall nature of the fandom, we are taking permissions are automaticly granted after two weeks if not receiving any withdrawal of permission.)

    We will credit everyone dully and never claim to own any of the material presented in The Book.
    The Big Book of Brony is a fan tribute to the fandom, will be freely available and that will never change.

    Contact us at:   bigbookofbrony [at] gmail [dot] com

    Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/collab/res/21431+50.html 

    Song/Poem Facebook Competition

    Another competition is looking for entrants, check out the copy paste below.

    Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts! I am doing a competition, or more like 3!

    1st: Design DJ-N1GHTM4R3 a new picture! (these can be hand drawn as well, I don't discrimate =)

    2nd: Make a song! It can be as long as short as you like. Any Genre! As long as it is pony related =)

    3: Write a poem! It can be in any form you like, be about anything pony related and be as long or as short as you like!

    The events shall be judged by DJ-N1GHTM4R3's admins and Discord Fluttershy. (More judges may be added)

    Prizes: The winner of each category will receive a set of custom badges featuring the Mane 6's cutie marks!


    How to Take Pictures of Pony

    If you followed that Rarity guide further up, and want to show off your new pony for all the internet to see, check out this guide to learn how to take a picture that would make even Photo Finish jealous.

    WWE Webcomic Posts Ponies

    Yep.. More ponies in webcomics! 

    Frame Rate Pony Productions Asking for Fan Recommendation on Next Video

    Frame Rate wants your feedback on what their next show should be about.  Hit up this video for more info, and vote in the comments section of it.

    Subtitle Compilation Doc

    Another document dedicated to pony subtitles has been created. If you have cousins/aunts/illegitimate siblings/pets that can't speak English, check it out here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Luna Painting
    Pony Buttons
    Christmas Tree Ornaments

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here