• Nightly Roundup #126

    Lyra hasn't had a Nightly Roundup in forever, so have some Lyra.

    This is a big one, hope you are prepared for my inevitable typos. 

    Molded Hair Pony Guide

    For those looking to swap the brushable stuff out for some much needed, show accurate, molded manes on your ponies should probably consult this guide on how to do it! It centers around Rarity, but she deserves some love right?

    Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Armegeddon Expo Brony Meetup

    When: October 29th

    Where: Auckland, New Zealand


    Akron Ohio Meetup  / Halloween Party

    Akron, OH Meet Up
    Date: October 22nd and 23rd
    Link to blog info - http://ohiobronies.blogspot.com/2011/10/akron-meetup.html

    Halloween Meet Up Party
    Date: October 28th-30th
    Link to blog info - http://ohiobronies.blogspot.com/2011/10/rainbow-factory.html

    Joplin, MO Brony Convention

    Copy Paste:
    Joplin MO is planning a Brony convention for the month of march 2012, and we still need donations, volunteers, and stores and booths to attend! any contribution you can make will be appreciated, and we will credit you or your business in the awards ceremony. if you would like to reserve ahead costs will be cut, plus you get a free convention name tag. our face book is: Brony-Con Midwest, and we would love to have you attend! as you may know, on May 22 Joplin was hit by an F5 tornado, we are going to donate all profits of the con to the rebuild Joplin fund, and to Stained glass theater west. again we still need donations to make the convention possible and everything is appreciated! Send Questions to spartiandrag@yahoo.com

    Brony Talk Show

    More radio bronies are looking to spread their vocal chords radio style. This one is scheduled to run every Thursday, with a toll free number to call in with for anyone that wants to join. Check out the website for it here!

    Rainbow Dash Guitar Game Updated with Chords

    Headline says it all, go hit it up if you were a fan of the old rendition, for a bit more depth.

    Advent Calendar Showing Up In Sweden

    Over in Norway, the Advent Calendar with all the blind bag pieces/toys has popped up at BRIO.  Go grab one if you live there I guess!

    Flutternet IRC Open

    Another pony IRC network is now open for business! Hit up http://flutternet.org/ for more information on how to connect and use it!

    So You Think Your A Brony Episode 8

    Another week, another episode.

    General Mumble / Pony Feature from the Advertising Student's perspective.

    A new article has popped up from someone working on his Advertising degree, featuring pony music remixer General Mumble and his use of social networking to expand the audience for his tracks.  Check it out here!

    New Celestia Pillow at Canterlot Displays?

    I haven't seen this one yet, but the Canterlot displays tend to have some pretty random stuff available between the various Target stores.  I was under the impression that this setup was rolling out soon, but they could very well be adding new stuff. 

    Ponymon Game Mod Demo

    >Scootaloo is Pidgey

    All my bits. Download link is in the description.

    Parody Song Seeking Singers

    Another music project is under way.  Right now it needs pretty much everyone from the mane 6.  Check out this page for more information on it.

    Pony Fridge

    It has to be said... This fridge is now 20% cooler. 

    Christian TV Reports that My Little Pony is "Possibly" Satanic 

    Behind the humongous anime eyes and marshmallow hooves, a new theory has popped up on Christian television.  While it is still unconfirmed, their is a "possibility" that Friendship is actually Satanic in origins.  Check out the video below for more information.

    In other news, Smurf plushies apparently possess small children, so bust out the lighter fluid and get to burning those old toys of yours! BY FIRE BE PURGED! 

    New Website Dedicated to Letting YOU Know if FiM is Airing this Week

    Nice and simple 

    Japanese Kids Respond to Pony

    Someone translated a bunch of comments of first-time Friendship is Magic viewers in Japan.  It looks a lot like /co/ back when the first episode aired... ahh nostalgia.  We were all so confused.

    Check it out here.

    Big Book of Brony Collaboration Seeking Artist Permission 

    Have some copy paste! 

    " The Big Book of Brony is a massive project aiming to collect, archive and organize everything brony. We will include materials created and done by the fan community and not only that, everything that has some connection with the fandom and our beloved pastel colored ponies. Our collection will hold material ranging from fanart to comics, fancitions, reviews, podcasts, meetups, cosplay, custom toys, game mods, everything ponified, clothing, charts, maps, reaction images, icon sets and forum signatures, etc. (This list is just a small example).
    Once the collection is complete, we will publish it as a tribute to the brony fandom.

    Hereby we would like to ask everypony who has ever contributed anything to the fandom, to send us an email whether they allow us to include their work or not. Please send us an email (titled PERMISSION) with your name (artist name you are credited by), webpage (if you have any) and a clear declaration of permission (or prohibition).
    (Given the vast amount of creative bronies and overall nature of the fandom, we are taking permissions are automaticly granted after two weeks if not receiving any withdrawal of permission.)

    We will credit everyone dully and never claim to own any of the material presented in The Book.
    The Big Book of Brony is a fan tribute to the fandom, will be freely available and that will never change.

    Contact us at:   bigbookofbrony [at] gmail [dot] com

    Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/collab/res/21431+50.html 

    Song/Poem Facebook Competition

    Another competition is looking for entrants, check out the copy paste below.

    Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts! I am doing a competition, or more like 3!

    1st: Design DJ-N1GHTM4R3 a new picture! (these can be hand drawn as well, I don't discrimate =)

    2nd: Make a song! It can be as long as short as you like. Any Genre! As long as it is pony related =)

    3: Write a poem! It can be in any form you like, be about anything pony related and be as long or as short as you like!

    The events shall be judged by DJ-N1GHTM4R3's admins and Discord Fluttershy. (More judges may be added)

    Prizes: The winner of each category will receive a set of custom badges featuring the Mane 6's cutie marks!


    How to Take Pictures of Pony

    If you followed that Rarity guide further up, and want to show off your new pony for all the internet to see, check out this guide to learn how to take a picture that would make even Photo Finish jealous.

    WWE Webcomic Posts Ponies

    Yep.. More ponies in webcomics! 

    Frame Rate Pony Productions Asking for Fan Recommendation on Next Video

    Frame Rate wants your feedback on what their next show should be about.  Hit up this video for more info, and vote in the comments section of it.

    Subtitle Compilation Doc

    Another document dedicated to pony subtitles has been created. If you have cousins/aunts/illegitimate siblings/pets that can't speak English, check it out here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Luna Painting
    Pony Buttons
    Christmas Tree Ornaments


    1. Yuss! Now all I gotta do is get up to auks! :D

    2. this is quite an early roundup...

    3. whew, Beefy nightly update tonight...And it's actually posted at midnight!

      Must find Advent Calendar...In the states...
      speaking of christians, I was wondering when that video would come up on here.

      hmm, Another pillow? Looks like I need to catch up and get those Twilight/Pinkie Pie pillows/plushies at Toys R Us as well as this Celestia pillow.
      also, Dat fridge...


    4. Wow, I think this may be the earliest round up I may have ever experienced!

    5. I want that fridge...

    6. Why... WHY are my fellow Christians so STUPID SOMETIMES?

      ...if anything, the ponies are a Godsend. Yes, God himself may have created this show and bestowed it upon us, it is so awesome. It's as far from Satanic as theoretically possible.


      GAAHHH I DON'T EVEN *cries*

    7. I am a Christian Brony, and MAN I am embarrassed.

    8. Also, as a Christian brony who is knowledgeable about the Bible and has a working brain, I am appalled by the notion that FiM could be satanic.

    9. Gotta love Xtians who see satan in everything. But nightly roundup means no story update, and means another night with no Lingering darkness updates.

    10. Satanic ponies. Are you f***ing kidding me?

      NOTHING that is this good can be satanic.

    11. I like how the difference between being an 'insane' Christian and being a 'normal' Christian is whether or not you believe that ponies are Satanic. What an silly notion!

      Time to crawl back under my bridge, then.

    12. that video with the bit about 'satanic ponies' makes me cry for humanity.

    13. I'm going to take a page from Picard's book here. I feel that some of those facepalms were much needed.

      I don't want anypony to get me wrong here, as I love being a Christian, but, this...this...is, hooves down, THE DUMBEST thing I've ever heard.

      Oh wait, NOW I see it. Fluttershy is an adorable, pink-maned, yellow pegasus that prefers to walk. She must be a witch.

      Pinkie Pie enjoys having fun. She must be a witch, too.

      It's all so clear to me now.

    14. Oh cool. I'm in this episode of, "So you think you're a brony". Jawesome.

    15. Big words of advice, never watch Christian TV, and this is coming from a Christian! Those types of channels usually end up with the radical thinking people and don't actually represent the truth at all.

    16. Twilight likes to read. WITCH! BURN THE WITCH!

    17. *Facepalms at idiots elsewhere in christendom* These sorts of people will say ANYTHING is Satanic if if doesn't fit their own narrow point of view - which generally consists of using their faith as an excuse to pretend they're better than other people. Needless to say, they're a minority who do NOT represent the rest of us. "Love and Tolerate" is something VERY much in keeping with the REAL theme of Christianity, even if some people forget that in the pursuit of personal agrandizement. Moving right along.


      Yay! Something is happening in New Zealand! Aw poo... It's in Auckland. So, Welly Brony meeting at the next one in April? :)

    18. Neither these people, nor the people who scream you're going to hell at you collage campus represent the majority of the Christian religion. (same goes for those crack pot money grubbers on tv)

    19. @The Christian TV video
      Its people like that who give the rest of us Christians a bad name. Well, them and WBC.

    20. Another roundup?! Woah! This is early!

    21. Born and raised a Methodist, I'm thankful that none of them I went to church with were that insane. It must be a Baptist thing.

      Giving up religion was the healthiest thing that ever happened to me.

    22. I always knew the Smurfs plushies were evil.

      back on topic sometimes this world makes me wonder...Ponies satanic, I'ts almost too sad to laugh at them.

      Scootapidgy is brilliant.

    23. Smurfs are really possesed children?!?! Can....not.....unhear......

    24. Oh, Smurfs are satanic now? I always knew I couldn't trust them. Never trust anyone blue. Except Rainbow Dash.

      Also because I fear misrepresentation, not all Christians are saying MLP is possibly satanic. Those that are are probably just saying that because "Aah, magic! Clearly evil!"

    25. WOOOOAH, I want that Advent Calendar!

    26. In a small timeframe of 5 and a half minutes, Capt. Picard *facepalms* 18 times! 18 times! (i counted)

      This makes me glad to be Aetheist. Yup, sorry everypony, I just can't bring myelf to believe in anything that can't be logically explained. It's how i grew up, and that's what i choose to believe.

      On a side note, I'm interested in that new Brony Talk show. Might just call in to voice an opinion now and again. :)

    27. I'm scared now, Nightly Roundups are at night again...

      New Celestia! Now in on a pillow form.. cute..

    28. @ Japan post

      Bringing Anime to Japan? Ohh.. the irony :D

    29. Silly religious nut jobs... I bet they are praying to their invisible deity that he'll use his magic to cleanse TV and... WAITAMINUTE! Magic?! OMG YOUR DEITY IS A WITCH! That means all of it's "miracles" were... ZOMG.

      But seriously if you absolutely *have* to put faith in something, put it in tangible things, be it people, worldly possessions, nature, etc, not some person/thing you *HOPE* exists. Religion is just one of them fancy terms for organized gullibility. Satisfy your natural human curiosity by seeking answers rather than taking the lazy way out.

    30. WTF Satanic ponies? I'll have you know that I am deeply offended by you sirs and madams there. And if you want to know more, that double face palm right there is exactly how i reacted after the watching the video.

    31. Just to clarify - the subtitle doc does include information on English subtitles.

    32. At least Christian fanatics stick to rubbishing our shows instead of nastier pass times.

      - Another embarrassed Christian -

    33. @reijngoud
      ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh it is about time there was a meetup here in NZ!!! I am so there


    35. Ha, haven't played pokemon in what? Ten years? *Loads Ponymon on to Sony Experia*

    36. If MLP:FiM is satanic, send me to hell. They obviously have neat stuff down there.

    37. Perfect trolling target on that youtube video. Opportunity had never cried louder

    38. >Adorable yellow and pink pony that couldn't hurt a fly.
      >Is satanic and must be purged from the earth.
      I am now more thankful that my chosen religeion is Norse.

    39. Oh PLEASE let that advent calender be available in the UK before Christmas. ;-;

    40. My Little Pony was merely a setback! They'll never find us all IN THE MOUNTAINS.

    41. With all the stuff that's labeled satanic, hell must be a pretty damn fun place.

    42. Oh my, talk about a giant roundup.

      Japanese reactions are so hilarious ^^
      OMG that molded Rarity was so fabulous!!
      Dat pokemon mod, ALL OF MY BITS!!
      "So You Think Your A Brony Episode 8": I see a grammar error here :p 'Your' -> 'You're', please Seth, help spread the good grammar. :)

    43. Copyright law and basic respect for artists and writers both dictate that without explicit permission, the answer is "no". There is no such thing as "silence gives consent", and there is no such thing as "it's on the Internet so I get to do anything I want with it, fuck what the creator wants".

      This is a lesson that others in the community could stand to learn, by the way.

      Do your compilation, but ONLY with artwork and stories for which you actually have a "yes" in hand. There should be no shortage of artists and writers who will want to participate. But if you don't hear from an artist or writer, you don't get to assume the answer is "yes". Without permission, the story, video or art is not yours to give away.

    44. Oh no, long Nightly Roundup is pretty long. lol

      Huh, a guide to painting those hair kits. I thought they came painted. Shows how much I pay attention. Very useful if I do get one of those kits still. :)

      I'd love if they started adding new merchandise to the Canterlot displays. Also, I'd buy that cute little heart pillow. :>

      D'oh! That fridge pun, Seth. I see my cutie mark down there though. :D

      That Crazy Christians video was absolutely hilarious. I don't think I've seen so many Picard facepalms ever. Or in a long time at least. Well, looks like we're all Satanic worshipers now. What do you guys want to do first? We could chant odd things at eachother in a dark room, or draw some pentagrams perhaps. I'm open for suggestions. And it looks like Ragnaro's might be joining us.

      That... website. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Lmao. Oh, nice work. :P

      That Big Book of Brony project is going to be tough. What with all the content in this community. Also, when it's finished? How could it be finished? The fan created content is never-ending. So it should be an on-going project. :P

      Wow, that guide on taking good pictures is pretty in-depth. Impressive. They sure know how to make ponies look their very best. :)

      Those wooden MLP ornaments are kinda cool. Ponifiy that tree. :D

    45. lol at Pinkie defeating/getting exp...
      MLP finally getting into JPN!? Yeey, some of them make awesome videos. can't wait

    46. Joining he brigade of Christians that would very much like to distance themselves from those crazy morons. They are the kind of people that make Christians (or anyone religious for that matter) look bad as they just declare everything they don't like satanic (Ponies? Satanic? Seriously guys?). And on that note, the thing about prayer being all that is necessary to heal people is BS too. Faith without works is dead, folks. I watched that going in hoping to get a chuckle out of how retarded they are, but instead I was just facepalming along with Picard. :/

    47. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry. I don't believe in god, but if he does exist, I am certain that MLP:FiM was his greatest gift to all of us.

    48. “furry version precure-like huh”
      “more like k-on”


      Well seeing as from what I can tell precure is a maho shojo anime and K-on is a slice of life anime...

      But the fact that they brought up K-On after night of pony....

    49. @ZeroLink3D
      If you actually think there is any real logic in the existence of the world, with or without religion, you may be nearly as crazy as those Christians.
      Satanic Smurfs, though. Where do they get that?

    50. I knew it only took a glance from Fluttershy before the Japanese submit to ponies.

      Time for them to get a taste of Westernized Moe!


      Wow. Never thought I'd use Moe and Western in the same sentence.


      Ponies is Satanic Witchcraft???



      No they're no- (Thinks of Gremlins)


      Now if they talked about Barney...

      Why do I feel like they'll say something that is the complete opposite of my expectations.

    51. Also forgot to add...

      Seriously they're commenting about the show having nothing but female chars...

      Seriously 0.o

      The irony of it all is very amusing^^

    52. Oh god...

      “wasn’t that spike from a different game…?”
      “that’s spyro”

      also my thoughts on some more of these comments:

      “over there [america] i heard that MLP is somewhat akin to [our] anime otakus…"

      -.- no our anime otakus are the same as yours.

      “that’s the way of writing the ‘horse’ kanji lolll”


      “you may think it’s for children but then it’s surprisingly deep”
      “having the expressions of the letter go from complex -> simple feels kinda like an education cartoon”

      I agree with that. However I think this is more of an edutainment

      “she’s a cowgirl though she’s a horse”


      “Soup’s on sounds like a phrase that reeks of old though. lol”
      “those names sound delish lolll”
      “bloom being introduced so nonchalantly lol”
      “grandma’s tail is cute”
      “don’t barf lolll” @twi spitting it all out


      “A boku-girl!!!!”
      “Boku-girl!!! Naisu trans!”
      “So Rainbow is a boku-gir… I thought she was an ore-girl”


      ”( ゚д゚)pokaaaan” @twi being awestruck by RD’s 10 seconds flat
      “woah it’s totally that face”


      “what it’s ‘she’ I thought it was ‘he’ orz”
      “the main chars are all female”
      “‘She’, HUH lol”


      “furry moe is the main stream abroad huh”
      “isn’t the furry-rate of japan not so far behind that?”

      Pretty sure japan's amount of "moe furry" in anime outweighs western cartoon's "moe furry" amount.

      “‘mericans can’t grasp [the concept of] moe”

      Er. Now I'm certain Japan has never heard of an american otaku....

      “sh*t even though the Japanese VA supremacy is srsly getting back in the saddle I don’t think it can surpass THIS quality”

      They should see ogatman's fandub...

      “Dervy is- lollll”
      “Duffy’s cute lol”


      [silly: “baka-geta”, baka is written with the kanjis for horse+deer]

      Japan is already coming up with ponyfied terms?

      “is that VA Tara Strong?”
      “Strong is Twilight’s voice”
      “Towairaito is Tara-san!”

      My god. Even the Japanese know who she is!

      Though this may be due to transformers animated...

      “wish they made a Japanese dub version…”

      So do I. But only beacuse I want to see rainbow dash to say "SUGOI" when she says "SO AWESOME"

      Till then, I'll wait for ogatmon to dub that scene...

    53. @Meep I.. err hate to burst your bubble and all... but wasn't that part about the smurfs?

    54. So glad my video is up here! Thanks Equestria Daily!

    55. Tomoko Kawakami is supposedly recently died. Too soon NND...

    56. @DulTek


      Well sure they never said the S word explicitly to MLP but they probably connote witchcraft with Satanism anyway...maybe >:3

      Crud. Now I confused myself. Curse you religiously crazy people!

    57. @Octavia

      If we're gonna be satanic, there's really only one option for what to do:


      *is making fun of stupid people like those in the video who think heavy metal is satanic*
      *is Christian and is listening to death metal currently*
      *is annoyed that it feels like the joke needs explaining, but is making it anyway :/*

    58. Sweden isn't Norway, it's akin to 500 kilometres away :x

    59. @MandoPony thank you. That is what I was thinking

    60. Title says calendar in sweden, then it changes to Norway?? I saw one of those here in Finland yesterday in BR-toys.

    61. That vid about the christians and the smurfs... and first the facepalms made me laugh, in the end I was echoing them...

      Nothing against religions in general, and I know this vid isn't really representative but seriously...

      What's worse is that, in my opinion, MlP is accidentally succeeding in what most religions have failed over centuries : passing on a message, teaching humans to love each other a bit more etc.
      When I see these reactions, I kinda understand why they failed...

    62. So, is the calendar available in Norway, or Sweden? 0.o

    63. satanic ponies? I'm soooo remixing this show, christian metal style

    64. Personally I'm a Christian too. This video however is from super fundamentalists that no liberal, moderate or even regular conservative Christian would want to be associated with.

      It's a shame that they are almost always calling anything that doesn't have to do with God "satanic". They throw that word around too much. I acknowledge that everything has its temptations, but this show barely even scratches the surface when it comes to sin, and by barely I mean doesn't at all.

    65. I just sat and tried to stop laughing at the "Satanic ponies". It's like the whole "Homosexual Teletubbies" from my country some years ago...

      Don't ask.

    66. Ponymon?
      I'm basically sold on the idea already, but there were some problems.

      If you can't get Dash's name to work, that's horrible. And you need back sprites. 'Squeeze Hug' is water type? How do types even factor in? All ponies should be Normal Type.

    67. A meetup?

      In MY Akron, Ohio?

      I should make an effort to attend!

    68. @ Bartekko
      Said genre of music doesn't exist!

    69. As another Christian Brony, it's nice to see other Christians in the comments speaking out against the video. Videos like that are the reason we're not taken seriously anymore.

      In a way, MLP can be seen as a religion if you consider Celestia as a deity, not that I'm complaining. Love and tolerance, everypony.

    70. @ Ace2401

      Yes. It's a sad time when the death of children in a strong Christian community are blamed on the kids who listen to Metallica and wear black because the children were obviously the victim of their daily Satanic rituals.

      True Story.

    71. Ponymon....

      What the fuck is this. What the fuck did you do? I think I started seizing around the time he had to choose between Pinkie, Rainbow and Twilight.

      I cannot deal with the level of awesome that this is. I really have to know how extensive that mod is and if it's complete. Must research!

    72. Okay, these people are not Christians, they're just nuts. MLP is about as innocent as it gets; that's one of the things I love about it. I'm Christian. I like ponies, sports, music, technology, etc. and I know I still follow my religion. There's nothing satanic/sinful/unwholesome about my choices of entertainment. Like I said, these people only think they're Christian, they're really just crazy.

    73. MLP advent calendars in brio?
      DAYM! Do want.

      But, I kinda just want the mane 6 + Cheerilee in the blindbags, so maybe it's a bit overkill...?
      Can pony ever be overdone?


    74. A bit of research showed me that the calender is indeed avaliable in Sweden, namely in the BR-stores (might exist in other stores too).


      There is the link, if anyone wanna check :3

    75. Ponymon is a hack, not a mod.

      I wonder if it will ever be completed. I've seen projects like that involving pokemon hacks or fangames die since generation II...

      I am NOT happy about that.

    76. @MandoPony

      I agree! D: Ponies have brought me nothing but happiness! They are quite God sent. As a Christian too, I'm quite embarrassed of such silly remarks about it. ;-;

    77. Ugh, I can't stand it when the minority of crazy fundamentalist Christians make the rest of us look bad. Judging from the way she was speaking I don't think she even knew a thing about the show and that declaring something Satanic is the default for them until proven otherwise.

      Then again, maybe she was referring to G3.

    78. About the tv program, I mainly have a problem with the long rants a pout god. It's probably because I'm circling neer atiesm. ( Despite living in Georgias Bible Belt)
      Also, satanic Smurfs/Ponies, WTF, I see no way to actually do witchcraft in the first place!
      Did I just have a religious rant on a pony blog?
      Yes I did.

    79. @archiveit
      Hmm...She might have been referring to G3. That, or that Nightmare-inducing Baby Pinkie...thing.

    80. An Advent calender and looney Christian ranting in the same roundup; I appreciate the irony.

      One of the things I love most about this fandom is that so many of its members are committed to living out "Love & Tolerate", and I've seen quite a few stories about how that attitude has helped change neighsayers's minds. I want to point this out to some less-loving, less-tolerant fellow Christians and tell them, "If it works for fans of a cartoon show, how much better will it work for us?" Keep up the good work, bronies!

      Also, Advent calender: More details, please! How many blindbag figures does it come with? Judging from the packaging, I'm guessing it comes with only 3, but if it does come with a full set I'd really love to get one.

      Celestia pillow: Really, Hasbro, if Celestia can be white on all this other merchandise, why can't her figure be white?

      @The Jack
      If you don't want the other blindbag figures, I might be willing to take them off your hands. ;) More raw materials for when I get the necessary supplies and try my hand at modding...

    81. Intimacy with god? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?
      We're supposed to do THAT with god?

    82. I was born into a Lutheran type Christian family. I follow more or less the same basic beliefs, though for some time had switched to a pretty hardcore church. More about open expression of faith and open to lots of ways to be public about it. Prison preaching, rock music, outdoor services in the park, a motorcycle raffle (price for a ticket... 5 minutes of time), and such other awesomeness. Unfortunately the other churches and the small town got all butthurt over the place. Some "false members" were discovered sabotaging the whole thing, and ended up booted. The damage had been done though. That tiny congregation got passed between 3 or 4 buildings and 2 or 3 parks before they went broke. It was a sad thing.

      It always amazes me... and saddens me... to see people fight over things like "Who's more rightererest about God". Christians could be a force of powerful good, if they'd get their noses out of each other's asses and learn that hate is not how to teach faith.

      I will never deny my faith. I won't deny my own imperfection. I don't even come close to pretending I understand everything. I certainly don't understand the hatred.

      The way i see it, there are those out there who USE the name of Christ as a tool for power... "The Book of Eli" was a wonderful example of how PURE EVIL can use the name of God for it's twisted purposes.

      I AM a Christian, and proud.

      I put my faith in the God I believe in...

      Not in some liars on TV that use the name of my God in vain, to get ratings, and money.

      If anything... I have viewed My Little Pony as a wonderful teaching tool. I made DVDs for my brother's kids. I certainly hope a show that teaches about friendship will lead them right. It's better than a lo of the other trash on TV!

      When C S Lewis wrote Chronicles of Narnia, I guess it was supposed to have been inspired by Christianity or some thing like that. Not sure how much there really is to that, but I recall the old PBS British versions being shown IN my Christian school. Yet Smurfs and Ponies are evil Satanic atrocities that teach witchcraft... Wow... Detached from reality much?

      If anything, I may very well have treated my Little Pony in much the same way I've treated the Chronicles of Narnia series. Whether it's intended or not, there are allegorical concepts that I can compare to Christianity by comparison or symbolism. I'm not gonna get into a big mess over what I see in MLP, but I see it as a beautiful thing that has good things to teach children, and adults alike.

      Love and tolerate.

      I still view many things as sins, but I'm not going to judge. It's not my place. People have to make their own decisions and come to their own terms with what they believe.

      The stupid Christians are the ones who thing these are things they can force on others.

      I pity them... They only drive others away, while they pat each others backs, prideful of how pious they are.

      And scaring people away.

    83. Dat Christian TV video...
      They told us sex was satanic...
      Now they are going further and tell friendship is!
      (Epic Ragnaros pic :P)

    84. @Nic386

      You think that's something... Pay CLOSE attention to the lyrics of the singing... uhh... Ugly bag of mostly water, and really think about it...

      You may or may not require brain bleach...

      You'll immaculately conceive brix

    85. @richfilesI would have to say I agree with you. But,( this may not have any thing to do with this) remember, Humans are... Afraid, of change, and things that are different.

    86. And that is why Twilight Sparkle is an Atheist. :D

    87. @Viscra MaelstromAccording to the Norwegian Toys-R-US website, they're supposed to be selling it as well.

      Will probably check in the next few days.

    88. @Nic386

      Hoomans R derp! yahhs /)9_6(\

    89. YAY people agree with me, but there is a point in what I said. Because these problems led us to do things, things no one now looks back on proudly.
      Take what Hitler or the slave owners did as an example.

    90. Awwww, why can't we Americans get cool Christian themed Advent based My Little Pony accessories... Oh yeahhhhhhh... THAT...

      'Merica is brave and isn't ascared of anything, except anything to do wit da Devil. It's a miracle we have the freaking nation wired with that spooky 'lectricity!

    91. Wow, that was like worst crap I heard in a very long time. And I'm glad I'm not a part of that absurd anymore.

    92. @P. Pony Ponyson

      Oh yeah, I know all about that. That's an effin' travesty.:/

    93. Quickly, enter their forum(if they have one) and show them how wrong they are!

    94. @richfiles
      U forget America fears Kinder Eggs too.

    95. Yeah, I saw those videos. Hilarious. Not really worth posting though, as they only mention MLP very briefly in the second video.

    96. @Zeitgeist

      Actually, if you consider Celestia a god, then Twilight is the total opposite of an atheist. XD

    97. Was watching my 4 year old bro. But then locked him in his room because he did something bad. The lesson here is, is that people will do thing s again, after you told them not to. Just to annoy you.

    98. See, It's crazy over-zealous Christians like that who give the rest of us a bad name.

    99. Regardless of what the episode's original intent was... I like to point any suspicious Christian to Episode 15: Feeling Pinkie Keen. I guarantee you they'll interpret it as a Faith vs. Science bit that puts the win on faith. I more or less like to view this episode in this manner myself, and it's what got my mother watching. Any other aspects, I treat it like Narnia.

      Don't get me wrong. I am a solitary nerd that never stops reading, and loves to experiment with science things. I build robots, neural networks, tinker with vintage tech (1960s-1970s calculators are my favorites), stargaze, Make my own 4th of July "celebration aides", have a fascination with Neuro biology in particular, and biology in general, and doesn't afraid of science... oh wait... LOL :D

      I also believe that science does not fully understand the universe. I do believe we have made mistakes, and I do believe that answers, correct answers, may someday be found. Heck, science thinks it may have just broken the rules of relativity recently. It's theory, and a foundation upon which all modern physics is based on.

      Science is a fluid thing, something that changes as our perceptions grow, as out measurements are refined. It can be proven wrong, or proven off, or proven right.

      I allow faith in my science, because I know humans can make mistakes. I have faith that if the answers prove to be wrong, that someone will eventually ask the correct questions, someday.

    100. @Ace2401 Nope, I do not consider Celestia a goddes, just a ruler. Lauren Faust is the one true goddess. :P

    101. @richfiles
      I'm sorry to hear about a handful of hypocrites undermining your church; it sounds like a congregation I would've loved to belong to. And your comments says what I wish I could've said, but knew I wouldn't get right; bravo!

      "immaculately conceive brix": Oh dang, that's too funny; I gotta find a way to re-use (steal) that phrase...

    102. "This fridge is now 20% cooler."


    103. Large amounts of people inexplicably flocking to it. Unhealthy obsession with a single object. Rites held over pentagrams. Sacrifices of virgins made to attempt to go actually enter Equestria... Yeah, I think this fandom is satanic...... Or maybe that's just my friends.

    104. A... A Brony Meetup in Akron, Ohio...?

      Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!

      I do so hope that it's not on a marching band day! Screw it, I'll go anyway!

    105. DJ N1GHTM4R3 here! It wasn't very clear in my description but... There are 3 sets of 6 badges featuring the Mane 6's cutie marks up for grabs! Info is on my page and if you have any questions email me at djn1ghtm4r3@gmail.com



    106. Also, I'f your first reaction is to lable something you are not sure about, or don't like, Satanic, then you have no other things to lable it as.( if that makes any scence) For you, things are only black and white( in the metaphysical scence, I guess) there is no grey, and people like this seem to want to take people and make them the same way.( no clue were I'm going with this)

    107. @richfiles
      I have a few early-70s calculators that aren't quite functional; got any websites you can point me to that could help me repair them?

      You do realize, by that logic, within the MLP:FiM universe athiests would be wrong. ;)

      @Specter Von Baren
      LOL! Simply, LOL!

    108. Noooo, my I pad only has 3percent charge! Must...find...POWER OUTLET

    109. Is no one here, or is everyone getting bord and/or scared of/to post anymore?

    110. @Nic386, Just so you know, intimacy doesn't mean what you think it means. It actually means emotional openness and availability.

      OTOH, that show was all kinds of crazy in other places. For one, the "love and tolerate" of bronies is very similar to two of Jesus' commandements. "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "If someone strikes your right cheek, offer him your left". Really, the only difference is that there's no religion stated outright in MLP: FiM, and that's because Hasbro knows not to kick open that beehive.

      Finally, the scariest part of that video was at 5:00. As crazy as they are, they're also ultra anti-woman (despite being led by a woman!) as evidenced by the fact that they're telling women that they can't do anything their husband disapproves of.

      (And I doubt they're Baptist. The laying on of hands leads me more toward a Charismatic church, possibly Pentecostal).

    111. I'm a practicing Catholic, and I find that video way to similar to a similar rant.

      Back when I was in high school, I played in my church band as a bassist. Well, I also played in a high school metal band, and had 1 sticker on my bass that said "TOOL," because they were, and still are my favorite musicians.

      Well, some person in the church crowd decided to send a chain letting around saying that I must have been worshipping satan because I listened to Tool.

      That was a fun situation to get out of.

    112. That Christian video wouldn't have been nearly as good without the Picard facepalms.

    113. The news on the christian TV:
      first of all WTH!!? (H for hay of course)Im a christian and I can tell you they should play My Little pony in the services because the messages from the show are good enough for a sermon. You could probably find that seaseme street is more inappropriate than MLP. this woman has obiously never seen the show.

    114. As a brony who's most listened to non-pony song is a song that worships Satan, I can tell you that MLP is anything but Satanic.

    115. http://chzbronies.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-pony-christ.gif
      this furthers my point.

    116. @Freeze FrameTrue. What you saw was my first reaction to them saying that.

    117. @richfiles
      I agree 100% with everything in here!
      and sorry about your first church that is very sad.

    118. That website to let you know if MLP is airing this week just made my favorites list :D

    119. The response from Japanese viewers was fun to read. I've already wondered what Japan's response to Fluttershy would be, since Japan is where the whole moe thing started and I feel like Fluttershy is the embodiment of moe. Then I laughed when the first response to her was "AMERICANS, STOP TRYING TO BE MOE, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING."

    120. From the Japan comment post...
      “well maybe the imperial princess’ school is a magic school”

      The Imperial Princess Celestia... Yeah that sounds about right.

    121. According to certain Fundamentalists, everything they do not like/understand is from the devil, especially that Church down the street. Actually watching a show that has been deemed Satanic is of course forbidden.

      As an ordained evangelical minister, I think I am qualified to say that the fundamentalist lady does not have a clue what she is talking about. The message of the show is more than compatible with historic Christianity.

    122. Wait...Boku Girl means Tomboy right? o.O but then what about Ore? Are those both male pronouns that can mean I or me?


      From what I've seen this fandom is anything but loving and tolerant.

      This is probably to be expected when the fandom evolved out of 4chan...


      Oh please, mankind is xenophobic by nature. The stereotypical american (Conservative americans) even more so.


      Plus if Twi is the sniper of pony fortess 2 then she must be christan. Why?

      *Medic voice* I HAVE NO IDEA!

      @Navy Brony

      And now I am reminded of a certain episode of family guy.

      I had no idea the crazier christans were actually like that..


      A lolimagemacro isn't going to convince them.

    123. Mind you, Christian television, as all the members of my Church who have ever watched any agree, is the home of all things crazy.

      But then if you're not allowed to watch ponies, what do you expect? I mean...

    124. @Highland Host

      Fundamentalists don't even know what it means to be christian IMO.

      Plus they think that their interpetation of the bible is the gospel truth even though it's been proven that there's more than one intepretation.

      Plus the fact that no one exactly knows what's being said even leaves room for fabrications.

    125. I should also point out that they not only break some of the ten commandments with their strict rules and punishments, they also forget Jesus' teachings and that in it's self is just sad.

    126. I hate when these religious anti-whatever videos come out, they're just. so. boring.

    127. Oh and they act heavily on the Deadly sin of wrath.

      According to Purgatorio it's the fifth farthest terrace from paradise.


    128. Aren't those crazy Christians the same ones who said that The Lord of the Rings (Books! not movies!) were Satanic?

    129. @Flutterguy

      They think all wizardry is satanic, what do YOU think?

    130. Thank you video, for reminding me why I am not a Christian. (there's lots of other reasons too tho!)

      Sadly enough, living here in West Texas I see these kind of loons all the time. It's madness.

    131. @Mattwo in the immortal words of Twilight Sparkle, "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!"

    132. In every group there are a certain amount of crazy nutjobs who make everyone else look bad. Its true for our community as well as the Christian community. The best thing to do is simply ignore them.

    133. If I had a guitar I would play Renegades of Funk by Rage Against The Machine (look it up) hence why DJ P0N-3 and my name

    134. @MandoPony
      Super hardcore fundamentalist religious people are like Pinkie Pie; the more you try to make sense of them the more confused you get

    135. I've got the throw blanket, comforter, and the bed sheets of the Target Canterlot promotion. Now to add a ♥ pillow

    136. Yeah, I kinda saw the Christian thing coming back in Spring. I'm surprised it took so long, actually. But hey, one thing can be said for those screwballs: free publicity for the show, which means more potential Bronies when they come to see what all the fuss is about. =D

    137. @Supreme Commander of Brony Mountain

      Not really. The only thing to understand is that they're insane people who break biblical guidelines such as the 10 commandments and Jesus' teachings and commit the sin of wrath more than most people.

    138. I'm not sure if that makes fundamentalists hypocrites because IDK if those are part of their teachings though.

    139. I should point out that mankind has been sining since Adam and Eve got banned from Eden (should such an event been what really happened that is)

    140. I'm a Christian and what the heck was that?
      Don't listen to those guys. They are NOT representative of most Christians.

    141. @richfiles

      This. All of this.

      I'm Catholic, and I totally agree with you. It is Christians like this who give us all a bad name.

      How can you say that a show where one of the main messages is "love and tolerate" is Satanic? It just doesn't make any sense...

    142. @Triggy J

      No really? They're fundamentalists. The kind of christians everyone hates. And everyone that hates them likely already knows better anyway.

    143. @Ciroton
      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

      ... Oh mercy, now I've got an image of Screwball in a dark suit carrying a Holly By Bull stuck in my mind...

    144. A comment this morning on Ponies is my Passion:

      "Yesterday I made a muffin sacrifice to the pony gods, asking them to make it rain already where I live. Today, it rained a little. HMMMMM. PimP"

      Those poor televangelists. What are they supposed to think!?

    145. @Mattwo Thank goodness the Brony community realises that Christians aren't all nutters then. I can't quite fathom why, but the rest of the internet seems to throw us all in the same category and loves to hate us.

    146. @Mattwo
      "Boku" and "Ore" both mean I or Me but have different tone in sentences. Boku would be used by small kids (cute, innocent tone) and Ore would be for older male (like High school kids age) rough or "trying to be rough" kind of tone.
      Also, in Kanji,Chinese letter format, we write stupid "Baka" in two letters meaning Horse, then Deer. (I don't know the origin of this strange pairing)
      Actually, JPN net community think that most of furry material come from West (even though there must be some furry artists in East as well but that seems to be general view)

    147. That video doesn't even deserve an intelligent response. So instead I am just going to say,


    148. Thank god Japan is taking to the show like we do. It just proves that these ponies are UNSTOPPABLE.

    149. Religion never ceases to amuse me. Well, except one for Celestia that's real.

      But yeah intsa-bookmark for that episode checker.

    150. About the video:
      Thank you, Sir Steward, you said it all.

      About the japanese:
      *reads the article* Crazy japanese
      *continues reading*
      ... loli-trio? LOLI-trio?! CMCs=Lolis?!

      And the swedes got the same advent-calender like us here in Germany (though we 'have' to buy them over Amazon, i hope we get them in shops, too)

    151. Another Christian brony out of the woodwork. It's interesting that we have as many as we do, ne?

      "Love and tolerate", if taken in the proper context, is very much compatible with Biblical Christianity- Jesus often spoke of loving other others. However, mindlessly tolerating everything is gonna be bad for people. It's not an excuse for improper behavior.

      The message of the show is decidedly the product of atheistic people, and no amount of good behavior will mark out a single sin. Despite all this, it's legitimately a good show, with a decent community as far as fandoms go. So I stick around, even if I skip out on the shipping fics. ;)

    152. Isn't that "Christian" video the reason why the Renaissance happened, in order to distance ourselves as people, from the over-zealous nuts?

      I really don't like the "Country Club mentality" (don't know why I call it that) that these people have, where even one tiny detail disqualifies you from "paradise", according to those nuts.

      Not a big fan of anybody that is over-zealous about pushing thoughts upon others forcefully. (So redundant there, wasn't I? My apologies.)

    153. In celebration of this new version of Guitar Dash...
      Have a music combo (I know, it's awful).

      Tempo: 400 (though 300's a bit more intelligible)

    154. The Japanese translations were a fun read, reminded me of myself when I watched it for the first time.

      The Christian rant was hilarious. Such a joy seeing people complain about something they never understand or bother to learn anything about. It was this kind of stuff that turned me away from religion despite my Roman Catholic upbringing.

    155. @80and56
      It really depends on who you meet. These particular people are... off their rockers... as far as I'm concerned. I'm a Christian and I see absolutely no problem with this show. It could be the "magic" is what they're having trouble with (I didn't bother watching their stupidity, so I'm just assuming). Some people take any use of magic and tie it directly to Satan, so...
      yeah, basically they're radical legalists.

      Anywhooves, this show is not only good, it actually supports a lot of what Christians (should) believe, i.e. Love, patience, loyalty, etc. (I believe you already said that, didn't you?)
      Just thought I'd clear that up, before you guys get too upset.

    156. Yeah, so, I'm a bisexual, liberal, very silly Christian of southern-baptist traditional roots, and I would like to beseech you, on behalf of Christianity to love and tolerate these people too. Their claims are flat-out absurd and ridiculous, but Christianity isn't about people like this or what the media tells you it is. It's very much about love and tolerance, and I'd hate to see people think this is an actual thing.

    157. @CX4Ever

      Kinda scary story to tell here, but my Papi used to be a nice, friendly, more open-minded, let's say "average", kind of Christian.

      Then, one day a few years ago, he stumbled upon those radical channels, hasn't been the same since. I'm not lying here...

      And, uh, apologies if my message looked like I had a bone to pick with all Christians. It's only the uber-radical ones that get on my nerves.

    158. @PonyPonyPonyBrony

      All I have to go on here is my personal experience; but I'd say these people are a pretty accurate representation of alot of Christianity and are not so rare as you may believe them to be.

    159. Guys, please PLEASE don't think all Christians are crazy like that. I'm Seventh Day Adventist, and stuff like that makes me quiet painfully face palm.
      80and56 makes a great point, so please don't start assuming we're all radical retards -.- I think MLP FIM is one of the best things I've ever seen. More people should see it!

      What is this? Nightly Roundup at NIGHT? Blasphemy! XD yAY mORE PONY STUFF! Love that episode website! YES YES YES YES YES! <3

    160. They are just haters, nicolaitans, hypocrites, i.e. sheep just using religion as an excuse to make themselves feel surpreme. *rants*

      Obviously I'm a Christian myself and that video just made me facehoof, it's ridiculous by proper Christian standards, they should be ashamed.

      I got my eyes up for MLP FiM because it teaches many of the morals Jesus wanted to teach us, and for something that has such values to become popular among people is a beautiful thing!

    161. @DJB123
      I've lived in the Bible Belt pretty much my whole life (Mississippi, Alabama, a few years in Dallas, TX, and now in rural Virginia); based on my experience, while I wouldn't say that people like those in the video are "rare", they're definitely vastly outnumbered by more moderate, live-and-let-live Christians. Of course, things may be different out in west Texas; that's why it's usually not a good idea to generalize from one's own experience.

    162. @jodyjm13

      who's generalizing? Seems more like people are generalizing "that" group of Christians because they are less like "their" group of Christians.

      I just said going from my experience the type of people who believe these sorts of things are far from rare. Moderates generally always outnumber radicals... true, but that does not mean that radicals don't have vast influence.

      And We're speaking about Texas here... the state where our governor held a state sponsored prayer rally where many of the speakers were known for holding views that include but are not limited to:

      "Fires happen because gay people."
      "Obama is the antichrist"
      "the Catholic Church is the whore of babylon"

      and my personal favorite
      "Japan's PM had sex with a demon and that's why Japan's economy took a down turn. Our economy is bad because the Statue of Liberty is a symbol for Lucifer and we should get rid of it."

      Oh, if you only knew the conversations and even threats I've had to deal with living here.

    163. Well I know quite many of those idiots, such Christians really aren't rare once you look outside the cities. The irony is they're hating against a show promoting tolerance.

      The japanese reactions to episode two are there, too, by the way.

    164. As a Christian, I have to say I am very embarrassed by that video, It doesn't makes sense and is just way too extreme.
      Its sad that because of stuff like that, people think that that is how we really are...

    165. Hmm. I'm a singer...might have to check that out.

      That fridge is a triumph of brony ingenuity! Well, that and a consequence of owning a lot of magnets.

      I'm a Christian who runs the So Cal Brony Bulletin Board. Their argument is invalid. That and Fluttershy is my moustache.

    166. So glad this topic hasn't blown up in to a flame war Christian here too and all of my facepalm to that video. Honestly it was inevitable considering they have done it for other shows. Anyways disregarding them while I enjoy this show.

      Also I find interesting to see other countries reactions to the show. Good to see it's a hit in other countries too.

    167. >"everybody is my wife"

      You're doing it again...
      That thing we talked about...

    168. @MandoPony
      I second you there... heck, my blog is "The Christian Geek" but I talk more about Ponies and PnF then I do forcing religion on people...

    169. I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, and I have to say watching that video was painful.

      The only way FIM would be detrimental to a person is if it hinders the person's connection with God. Which it doesn't.

    170. Here's my Christian high school professor's criteria for good shows/movies:

      Was it well done: Yup
      Are the messages good: Yup
      Does it display real love and truth: Yup

      Therefore it's a good show.

    171. Wow, you guys. This is the best discussion of religion I've ever seen on the web. Honestly, I've never seen so level headed a conversation on this topic before, and I'm glad to see so many Christian Bronies in this joint. This has been a real encouragement. It's what we should aspire to be. Don't stop!

    172. For me, when I see videos of radical Christians like that, I don't really even acknowledge the "Christian" bit of it anymore. I only see the "radicals" bit. Because there are radicals in every group--political, religious, cultural, or otherwise--and all of them are exactly the same.

      Not that there aren't subtle differences. Depending on the group, the discourse is going to contain different flavor text; with political groups, all the world's ills will be blamed on the appropriate opposing political party, and with Christianity, it's blamed on the devil. Some radical groups are also more dangerous than others, but I think this is really only determined by the size and/or recklessness of the group rather than the specific ideas they're putting forth. Because really, all radical groups are based on the same fundamental idea: "Holy crap, the world is too big and confusing and it scares me to death, so I need to get rid of anyone who does things I don't understand, before one of them tries to hurt me."

      And really, that's just a sad indication of the unavoidable troubles of life. The world is big and confusing, for anybody. No matter how intelligent or thought-out your understanding of the world is, sometimes bad things will happen for reasons you can't explain, and a lot of times those bad things are caused by people who should really know better. Sometimes it's intentional, most of the time (I think) it's not, but the fact is that people needlessly hurt each other pretty frequently.

      It's enough to give anyone a negative attitude towards humanity sometimes, but the very concept of it just scares some people so much that they retreat into a shell, latch onto extremist rhetoric in the hopes that it will provide some form of stability for them. They then use this rhetoric as a defense mechanism, screaming at everyone else not to do anything that doesn't make sense under their comfortable (but overly simplistic and limiting) worldview, afraid that it's those unexplainable behaviors that are the source of every problem they've ever experienced.

      I don't condone the things those people are saying, but I wish things were better for them, because I don't think they would be saying those things if they led happier lives. People don't mistrust other people on that level unless they've been hurt in some way. I know people will never be perfect, but my hope is that we'll gradually improve the world over time, learn to protect and support each other more so that no one has to pre-emptively lash out at everyone in self-defense like this.

      Bronies, I leave it up to you and your loving and tolerating ways. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDES TO SAVE HUMANITY?

    173. As a crazy fundamentalist I have to say that...the most MLP could be is a false idol of sorts if you put if before God, but people are more likely to do that with money then a tv show.
      I've always heard bad things about the smurfs from evil to communist.
      The biggest thing is you need to let your kids know what make believe is and that people who clame to be witches and so on, are crazy or want to sell you something.

    174. @ProBrono

      That is an awesome post and you should feel awesome. Me, I just try to be a good, loving person and I hope that rubs off on others. Some days that's all you can do, and maybe that's enough.

      I..can't stop....LAUGHING!!!!!

      Oh Celestia that was good! it was so bad I couldn't turn away! I face palmed more then the Captain lol oh Luna it's too it's too early to laugh this hard XD

      And yes Japanese response to MLP is as expected nothing at all surprising there! lol

      And that Pic of Ragnaros Seth EPIC! it went so well with that video XD BURN THOSE SMURFS!

      Oh Celestia let me stop there for now I still cant stop laughing!

    176. At first I was like "Hey, I'll just go buy that pony calender now."

      But then I noticed the price tag... it's about 37 dollars! I love ponies but come on, I'm just a poor student. o_0

    177. I've only drawn one image, but yeah, I can give them permission to use it in that big book of bronie.

    178. @DJB123
      When you described the video as "a pretty accurate representation of alot of Christianity", I read that as claiming that a majority or near-majority of Christians are like that; I apologize for misreading you. And yeah, anyone who professes views like those, I'd want to get as far away from as possible. Sounds like the point of the parable of the Good Samaritan went whooshing over their heads.

    179. A show that teaches about the magic of friendship: Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, sharing, caring, doing your part for the community, working past your differences, seeing the good in anyone, and accepting everyone. Must... be... satanic.

      -Moonlight Ballad, Bard of Equestria

    180. An advent calendar? WTFLOL. Celebrate the birth of Jesus with ponies.

      I'm shocked Pat Robertson himself hasn't yet commented on this clearly Satanic movement that revolves around magic and goddess worship.

    181. @jodyjm13

      yeah, I might have worded that awkwardly. I don't mean to say that most Christians are so extreme but rather there are frequent pockets of this tripe with great influence operating in certain regions of the country.

    182. Fun Fact: You are all now jealous of my kitchen. :3

    183. About the Crazy Christian clips......everyone should keep in mind that using these people to represent all Christians is akin to using people who furiously clop to ponies to represent all bronies.

    184. @DJB123
      No problem; I've got waaaay to much experience with awkward wording myself.

      Maybe I should be praying that God smites Texas with a cluestick...

    185. Quite frankly, I'm relieved to see that the paranoid, extremist subset of Christianity has finally gotten spooked by Friendship is Magic, as an overreaction from that subgroup was really way past due. My Little Pony has magic, Greco-Roman mythological beasties, implicitly deific characters, a feminist philosophy, a creepy fanbase (from the outside looking in, at least), and (episode 15 notwithstanding) pretty strongly supports a scientific, skeptical worldview. Short of having an episode in which the mane cast equip themselves with copper sickles, daub themselves with woad, and then head out to the old dolmen in the middle of the Everfree forest to conduct a few blood sacrifices to Epona, FiM was hitting pretty much all of the radical Christians' hot buttons, without getting any response at all. So it's comforting, really, to see them finally overreacting. All is right with the world.

    186. As a Christian, the only person in that video I had any respect for was the fat chick in the muu-muu --- until she reversed her "I would say no" the instant the "minister" said otherwise.

      Those people were a bunch of sheep, in the process of getting fleeced.

    187. Smurf everything? Even Smurf me?