• Halloween Banner Event!

    Halloween is coming up, and everyone seemed to enjoy the last event, so why not run another?  Cereal and I toss out banners every once in a while, but community ones blow us out of the water sometimes.  So fire up those Photoshops/Paint.nets/Whatever and get out the bat wings and cat ears, it's banner event time!

    Heres how it will work:

    Depending on the number of submissions, I would like to rotate a new one in every day, starting on October 15th (With banner source included in that particular day's drawfriend).  The day before Halloween, I'll compile them all into a post and toss a vote on the side bar for best of the best.  The winner will be spotlit on the top of the blog for the actual holiday, and a few days after. 


    There are a few requirements for the sake of consistency, primarily in size/type.
    • The banners must be transparent .png files  (I will probably change the background color of the blog, so using the normal EQD Blue might not be the best idea ever! Expect Black or Luna blue.) 
    • Required Size: 1000px by 350px (these can be scaled down if needed)
    • It needs to have "Equestria" used in some way shape or form (Equestria nightmare, Equestria doom, Equestria Trixieisthebestpony, ect) 
    • Pinkie Pie is not allowed to maim/cook/eat Rainbow Dash
    • No gore. Keep it clean
    What to Include:
    • Source (How else will people raid your Deviant art/Tumblr/ect?)
    • Name
    • Link to image
    The deadline will be October 29th at 11:59 PM, two days before Halloween.

    Submit everything to [email protected] with BANNER in the subject line.

    And above all, have fun with it! Our banners are rarely serious business, so ridiculousness is more than welcome.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here