• Music: Applejack Edition

    News is a little slow today, so, here's something different.


    It seems to be the opinion of many people that I hate Applejack- that I hate everything, actually. Call me sensitive, but this isn't the kind of pony I want to come across as. Sometimes, when you're trying to be entertaining, you say things a little too often or a little too loudly.

    So, to make up for that, I'm going to say nice things about Applejack:

    You don't have to be the flashiest or the most talented or the most high-profile pony to be a good friend. Sometimes, all it takes is a determination of spirit, a stubborn sense of pure honesty, and a solid work ethic to make you stand out. Dependability and reliability are equal measures of a pony to generosity and kindness. One should never discount the often thankless job of being the moral backbone of a group of friends.


    1.) Sunshine and Celery Stalks
    2.) My Dream Mare - Movement I: Her Sunset
    3.) MLP Fighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme

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