• Story: A Drop of Moonshine (Update Sequel!)

    [Comedy] [Random]

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: After a long day of ruling Equestria, the Royal Sisters need a chance to unwind. Luna's solution is a few glasses of her once famous Moonshine, a drink distilled from moonlight. Celestia has been sober for a thousand years, but the temptation to have "just one" glass proves too great. Yet, when that one glass turns into several, it's Twilight who will have to deal with the princesses when they’re drunk off their flanks.
    A Drop of Moonshine
    A Drop of Moonshine Alternate

    A Mug of Hard Cider (Sequel, New!)

    Additional Tags: Drunk Princesses Moonshine Drinking Pony Is Best Pony


    1. Haha, I love drunk ponies, especially Luna and her moonshine...nice pun there.

    2. Pen Stroke?!! :D

      *reads like there's no tomorrow*

    3. Dem Additional tags...

      I dunno, I still think drunk TWilight is the best drunk pony. :v

    4. i was on the iffy side about reading this but them i saw penstrokes :0

    5. *Hic* hey this isn't funny, its very serious.

      (I'll give this a read later today, looks interesting and I could do with something funny to read)

    6. "Drinking Pony Is Best Pony"

      Oh dear...

      Still, it's a Celestia/Luna/Twilight story that doesn't involve Grimdark or Shipping, so I'm definitely reading it.

    7. o god a Pen stroke fic, in before a million 6 star ratings.

      hopefully this one actually deserves all those (like say Better living through Science and ponies did) unlike the fic that shall not be named which I despise.

    8. Eh doesn't sound that interesting, won't re-

      "Pen Stroke"


      *begins reading*

    9. also in before stupid drama and arguments in the comments.

    10. And so it went up. Hopefully my trusted team of editors and pre-readers made a commendable effort (of course they did!)

      Already read it, so, yay! More time for me!

    11. drunk ponies? eh another stupid rand-

      "Pen Stroke"


    12. *Attempts to find comfortable spot on fence.*

      I liked Past Sins at first, but lost it as it progressed. Best to wait out and see how this one rolls...

    13. though it's always nice to see the big time authors doing short silly fics, which IMO are frequently the most enjoyable kind.

    14. So I gather Pen Stroke is one of the better Fic writers?

    15. @Tyranoman

      he wrote some good stuff but he also wrote the fic I regard as the Twilight of the fandom.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. @KainMurasaki

      >rating before reading.

      ahh the minds of Fanboys and haters work so alike.

    18. drunk ponies behaving badly? count me in :)

    19. @Mojo

      Indeed it does, they're both as irrational as the other, yet each thinks of themselves as the better.

    20. I enjoyed it. A great little piece of comedy that would work well with a similarly framed sequel with the same lighthearted and non-serious tone.

    21. Pen Stroke writes a random comedy?!? This I must read!

      As someone who enjoys the occasional drink, I must say a thousand years IS a long time to be sober. I love drunk pony stories (What Do You Do With a Drunken Unicron? is one of my favorite comedies on this site) but this is probably the first drunk pony story that actually makes sense within the continuity. That, plus the writing is excellent (but what else should we expect from Pen Stroke?). And the ending is absolutely splendid!

      As an aside, I really like the explanation of rock farming, by the way. And Celestia trying to sing the theme song is just hilarious!

    22. @Kim Fluttershy Dykas


      as for me, I have liked and disliked Pen Strokes works in the past, but to me that is irrelevent regarding how I will view this particular story, which I will finish and then judge on it's own merits.

    23. Well... I was going to bed... but then i saw Pen Stroke! JESUS! MUST READ NOW!!

    24. Pen Stroke? Drunk Ponies? Comedy? Well there goes my plans.

    25. Oh right, I'll have to rate it.

      I'll give it a 4.1-4.2. Thus, a 4-star.

    26. this has been one in a handful of comedy stories i liked

    27. @rockerman100

      >fan of My Little Pony, a show that is at heart a comedy

      >can't enjoy comedy stories based on said show.


    28. Comedy based on drunken endevours with a pair of mares?

      Counts me out to the moon, then.

    29. Was a nice comedy fic, I like how alchohol was banned into order to stop drunk royalty; it was a nice touch.
      Not to mention an explanation for rock farming which I wouldn't have thought was possible.

      My personal favourite part was "Celestia looked like she was a cheap knockoff of her normal regal self." Being pink is demeaning you know!

      (I'm fairly picky about comedy fics though most tend to be good this is one of my favourites)

    30. I'm loving this. This is hilarious.


      I kind of wish I could see a breakdown of the star ratings so far--there's 26 total as I type this, and I'm guessing it's 21 5-stars and 5 1-stars, all (or nearly all) given by folks who haven't read the story yet.

      Anyway... not a bad story by any stretch. Light, silly fare, and it made a good palate cleanser between work and chores.

    32. Pen Stroke?! Welcome back to the author community!!

      Any-who a story about drunk regal sister who depends on her socially ... new book-smart student who will likely cause some sort of catastrophe due to her lack of a "Dealing with Drunk Mentors for Dummies" book?


    33. Great fic! I can see why Pen Stroke is appreciated so much, will be sure to follow his work if he regularly writes as good as this.

    34. Hadn't realized the author was anyone in particular, but I suppose that spared me the preconceptions. I have read Past Sins though, and really enjoyed that. Would not have guessed that theese are the same writer at work. Fun story, especially as one who appreciates alchohol.

    35. Is it just me, or did Princess Celestia transform into her Hasbro toy-self?

    36. Does the poison joke make her spout random phrases when something hits her flank too? < g >

    37. So, in retrospect, this entire thing was to poke a jab at celestia's inaccurate toy form? If so, penstroke wins even harder with this thang.

    38. Short story's are best pony's
      I mean best story's.

    39. Lol troll Hasbro harder next time!!!

    40. A very enjoyable read ^^ All in all, it feels a bit empty after it's done reading, since very little actually happened in this story, but that little was sure well executed. I particularly appreciate how smoothly the narrative flows ^^

      All in all, another good job PenStroke & co., keep it up. :D

    41. Oh please tell me there will be some kind of continuation to this one involving Twilight?! PLEASE! =O

    42. By gosh, this fic is downright and brilliantly awesome (from beginning to end)! I love stories that revolve Celestia and/or Luna desiring to be normal ponies for once, and in this case, even if it means getting intoxicated over a perpetual and pristine alcoholic drink. XD
      I've enjoyed all parts of this thrilling story, and anybody who reads this should. I wish Luna was part of the ending, but heck! Celestia seeing herself affected by the poison joke (spoiler there) and thereafter her revelation was great enough.

      In conclusion, 5 stars. Awesome job, Pen Stroke.

    43. I dont normally read anything
      I did read a couple fanfics (Cupcakes RTI 1 and 2)
      I felt like reading this after a dentist appointment before I ate.
      This my friend, this has inspired me to read more fan fics (NOT that many grimdarks though)
      This was truly amazing.

    44. This story was awesome.


      I especially enjoyed how Celestia's drinking habits in the past are explained (her guilt about what she had to do to Luna).


      Very funny and very well done.

    45. Pen Stroke, Batty, & editing crew,
      you guys are geniuses.
      I loved the poison joke effect them sot out of everything that Celestia got up to.

      I have to wonder, what if Nyx had been around during this story?

    46. Very awesome fic :) *trots off to find more by same author* Aww... No other comedy fics? Will read more anyway :)

    47. I was kind of disappointed that Applejack didn't have more moonshine to give her.

    48. LEOPOLD...er...um I mean PEN STROKE!

    49. @Mojo

      I'm not going to get into a big argument about content or personal tastes but you DO know that it underwent two revisions and currently a final one for grammar and additional mistakes, right?

      While it's sad we didn't get it right the first time, we are still trying to fix our mistakes.

    50. Worth every one of the five stars I gave it, definitely. Brightened up my evening with drunken royal antics.

    51. Entertaining, thank you for the read.

    52. Just as possible clarification, does this mean that Pen Stroke/Batty Gloom's break is over?

    53. @Batty Gloom

      I am aware of that, but honestly nothing can save that story, at it's core Nyx is simply unlikable and something of a sue.

      the grammar isn't the problem don't delude yourself into thinking that.

      also it's fanbase and the drama it brings everywhere is so annoying that I just want to forget that entire damn thing exist.

    54. It was an enjoyable read. And I don't think cluttering the comments about the other story is a good idea, positive or negative, so can we just let sleeping dogs lie?

    55. Drunk Princesses are funny, so a great read.

    56. I could see an interesting follow-up, where Celestia and Luna begin a very very slow reintroduction of alcohol to Equestria, starting in Ponyville (of course) :D

    57. Hilarious. And well written. And hilarious. Did I mention hilarious? The lighter side of Equestrian royalty is always fun to watch, and there's even a bit of depth, if that's your thing, but what really made me crack up were the effects of the poison joke. Take that Hasbro.

    58. Oh my.

      Not just any liquor, but........MOONSHINE?

      They'll be lucky if Tia doesn't accidentally crash THE SUN.

    59. if i had 50million id make this an episode and maybe a few more....great writing!!!

    60. That was a fun read! I called that joke from the minute the flowers popped up. This one really is great, and I can't even imagine the repercussions that this story would have. All my stars, you get them.

    61. Is it possible?

      Do we have a new winner?

      Moonshine making Luna is best Luna?

      Loved it BTW.

    62. @Mojo

      You're the one 'bringing the drama' here. Why did you even bring it up? This is a completely different story.

    63. ~A single drop of moonshine
      That’s all it really takes
      To make a pony stronger
      And drive away the aches

      A single drop of moonshine
      We couldn’t ask for more
      Laughter fills our hearts
      As long as there’s some to pour

      A single drop of moonshine
      Distilled from pale moonlight
      I’d wash the royal flank
      to drink it every night

      Yes, a single drop of moonshine
      It’s taste is world renowned
      So lift up your glass, take a drink
      And let’s order another round.~

      I absolutely loved this story. The song at the end had me reminiscing "the irish jingle" I've sung on multiple tankard nights with my father, sibblings and friends from when I was a lad to this day.
      All the nonsensical events that unfolded in a grand glorious drunken stupor prior, worthy to be paired with "the hangover" minus the famous folk, sir, you're moonshine tale has touched my soul and re-inspired me to have another go at a good time.

      I'm grabbing some scotch & spirits from the shop and making some calls.

      Cheers mate.

    64. They ended all alcohol production in Equestria just to sober up Celestia? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL-

      I need fanart pony versions of Nucky Thompson, Chalky White, and Richard Harrow, STAT!

    65. I laughed for several stomach-aching minutes straight when Twilight saw Celestia's Poison Joke effects. I believe I saw a comic awhile back that had the very same thing happen to Celestia, but I'm sure it's not that uncommon of an idea. Hasbro really foal'd that one up...

    66. Imagine when Nyx drinks Moonshine without getting caught.

    67. @Somepony Else

      I mentioned it in passing, then Batty decided to respond to that, and well he's one of the authors of that fic so I responded back.

      that's it.

    68. Is it wrong that when it got to the drinking song, I immediately sang it to the tune of the Whose Line Irish drinking song?


      no, you wern't

    70. @Mojo
      He said he wasn't going to discuss personal tastes and opinions so you make a comment trying to draw him into a discussion... Also, I liked the story, but it is all in your personal preference. Now, on topic, I really enjoyed this story. Drunken ponies are really funny, and this was well done. 5 stars.

    71. Even in Equestria they couldn't stand the My Little Pony Song >:3

    72. @DrahcirAloer

      well in Terms of THIS story, and not any other I actually did enjoy this one a lot and gave it 5 stars.

    73. that said it saddens me that this will receive more attention then some other much better fics simply because it was written by Pen Stroke.

    74. would like to see a follow-up story with this XD

    75. Ah, PenStroke. No wonder it has so many comments.

    76. For some reason, some of my favorite fics involve cartoon ponies getting drunk. Is that bad?

    77. @Mojo
      Why would it receive more attention? All fics get more or less the same time on the front page when they are one shots. I didn't notice it was Pen Stroke until I read the comments. If someone wants comedy fics, they will find this on a list with many others. If they are looking for comedy fics and just want Pen Stroke's stuff, this is it. They will look for more if they want more comedy. I don't see how this will receive more attention simply because it was Pen Stroke. I simply like drunk pony fics. If there is a reason though, let me know. I like hearing both opinions instead of just my own.

    78. Funny and cleverly written. But I still gotta point out that suspension of disbelief has a few cables a-strainin', there.
      Abolishing alcohol and even the knowledge of how alcohol is made for a thousand years? Forget the uncooperative nature of the average imbiber, or the tens of thousands of recipes in people's private collections or hand-me-down family folklore, fermentation is a natural process. Leave a few windfall apples to go overripe and you'd be right back where you started. Applejack's family probably "rediscovers" hard cider every autumn; if her NAME is any indication her Daddy probably had jugs of the stuff tucked away on a regular basis and celebrated her birth with a shot of the stuff.

      On a side note, I don't know why people mistake government-coerced prohibition for a greater virtue than personally-adopted temperance. "Good" people don't need to pass laws to make people behave, and if ponies are allegedly better than people (as is the general fanon consensus) then they wouldn't need to pass prohibition and censorship to encourage responsible behavior.

    79. @DrahcirAloer

      some people do in fact pay attention to the author, Pen Stroke is well known, he has some popular stories hence people who see his name will be more apt to check this story over others.

    80. Was an awesome read. Few spelling mistakes in there, but still fantastic nonetheless. Good humour, and the characters responded well enough. Plot flowed well, and it was just damn funny!

    81. In the pic, is she not levitating the glass because she's so drunk? XD Just curious! Anyhoof, AWESOME story! Glad to see that you've kept busy, PenStroke! Trevor patiently awaits the next awesome story from the desks of PenStroke and Batty Gloom! 8D

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    82. Who else read this drunk? c'mon admit it.

    83. Needs a sequel where the princesses get Twilight drunk and hilarity ensues

    84. Funny enough, the alcohol itself was a bigger disbelief-strainer to me than the idea of ponies simply cutting its production to save their princess, ha. I mean, this is a humor fic, but that very notion sort of stuck with me, and I find it really sweet.

      Anyway; great story! It took me a tiny bit to get "into" it, but when it did, it didn't let go. I think the Twi is spot on by herself, though if it were not a short humor fic, I might think her frank and almost bossy attitude towards the princesses odd.

      Seriously though, this is nitpicking and trying to be difficult: I really loved it!

    85. Man, this story was hilarious, it took me a while to read it cause I was laughing so much at parts. Why, cause the two of them sound just like me whenever I have one too many! But I think they deserved to kick back and just enjoy themsleves. Yes, hangovers suck, I will attest to that. But I couldn't help but feel for Celestia when she started crying over failing her sister! I hope that is looked into more in more stories! 5 out of 5 stars from me!

    86. 4/5, a well written little one-off story.

    87. Short and funny, I like it a lot!

      But thankfully the sisters didn't get into a drunken competition of the "I can make a bigger supernova than you" kind.

    88. Holy cow, a plausible explanation of rock farming!!!

    89. 4/5
      cute, nice, didn't really laugh but left me feeling good
      all in all, a fine story.

    90. @Mojo
      For not wanting to get into the fact Past Sins exists and is -wildly popular-, you sure are talking about it a lot, you brought it up yourself even - the first person in the thread to make any allusion to Past Sins at all.

      Meanwhile you're spouting your negative opinion as if it were the gospel truth, and basically saying anyone who openly disagrees with you is starting drama, when it is in fact yourself, and you even seem to be inviting you.

      Exeunt please, passive-aggressive troll.

    91. Now, as for my own comment on this. It was brilliant, just a pure look at unbridled fun, a slip in the armor and masks of those expected to never let go of them.

      Matronly Twilight is best Twilight.

    92. inb4 Nyx walks into the bathroom and finds Celestia.

    93. @RHJunior
      That's leaving aside the organized crime problems that would inevitably ensue, like they did in our world during the Prohibition.

      Pony mobsters. That's a thought.

    94. "An inebriated Celestia, however, soon found herself stuck at her hips, unable to coordinate her
      back legs and wings to get herself through the window."

      I want a picture of this scene.

    95. @Kayriel

      >Past Sins

      >still widly popular

      do you not go to the Chan's or Ponibooru, this is like the only place where Past Sins is still popular, everywhere else it's fans have turned the fandom against it.

      that said you got me I was sort of doing a passive troll, ah well.

    96. Not bad. I love the premise, and it's one I had been toying around with myself. However, I don't know if it's just me, but it seemed to lack a little bit of dramatic tension. It never felt like Celestia was on the verge of doing something catastrophically embarrassing. Comedy-wise, it was good. Could have used some more description of Celestia's drunkenness to reinforce the dialogue, which was pretty good. Probably closer to 4 stars than 5, but enjoyable overall.

    97. *snerk* Very amusing. I imagine Princess Luna would have a much easier time dealing with her own hangover.

    98. Just read through the story (and the comments), and I hereby declare this fic to be great fun! I can't help but wonder how Twilight explains to Applejack where all of her apples went. I sure hope that Celestia agrees to pay for the damages her drunken spree caused...but what the hay, this is comedy: I ain't gotta explain crap!

      @Whoever said something about mobster ponies:
      That was what I thought of immediately after somebody mentioned prohibition straining his willing suspension of disbelief. Could somebody please write a non-grimdark fic about this? Think of the trope TheFamilyForTheWholeFamly.

      I'm liking how Pen Stroke is accruing a group (gaggle? harem? law-firm?) of editors to check over his work. It really shows! I look forward to the next gem that Pen produces and they polish.

      I'm a bit disappointed that someponies brought their issues with the...um...overenthusiastic response that the author's previous work inspired in some of its fans to the table before even reading the fic. Personally, I find commenting before reading to be in bad taste. :-P
      Anyhow, if Mojo can avoid complaining about shows he doesn't like in tangentially related, maybe I can avoid spamming his synchtube channel with Nyx references and requests to play "Undeserved Sins" on infinite loop (not that I've ever done that <_< - >_>).

      On another note, was comparing Past Sins to the best unicorn supposed to be an epithet? (Also, yay hypocrisy! Going off-topic can be so fun sometimes, though. -_-)

    99. I haven't read a fan story in quite a long time, but I'm glad I read this one. It was an entertaining, silly one-shot that had some fairly humorous sequences. It was a tad shallow and the tone was a bit uneven, but it was an honest bit of fun.

      (I had no idea who the author was until I was done and read the comments. I was surprised to say the least.)

      ~Buddy Vox

    100. Awesome Story Bro! The ending killed me; it would be interesting to see what Twilight and co. would act after drinking moonshine in a sequel. Can you imagine the destruction and mayhem a drunk a pinkie pie would cause?! Just an idea.

    101. @Mojo
      I agree with your "anger" of people rating before reading, just a real stupid thing to do.

      Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pen Stroke. The man rolls 6 stars in every story he writes for god sakes.

      If you have any suggestions for any fics I could read instead (or just some overall good ones) I do have time on my hands to read them :D

    102. I enjoyed this picture thoroughly. I laughed for a good 30 seconds at "You're purple!". I must admit I was hoping that Twilight's curiosity would get the best of her and we'd end up with 3 drunken ponies carousing around Ponyville but I can certainly appreciate Twilight in the caretaker role(I've had to do that a bit too often for my friends). I'd love another story with the princesses taking her out drinking. This fic has several scenes that would make for some hilarious fanart.

    103. @Batty Gloom

      I am a genius. A scientist! A research geneticist! And I loved "Past Sins". My brilliance means my vote is worth OVER 9,000 votes by 'mundanes'! FALL INTO THE MUD BELOW THE EXAULTED PILLAR UPON WHICH I SIT ENTHRONED, SCUM BEINGS, AND HIDE THINE EYES FROM MINE GLORIOUS RADIANCE!! >:D *note: all biologists are like this, as insanity and delusions of grandure are prerequisites for the job*

      really, though, I have compared it to some of my favorite literary works of all time, in fact. It works perfectly well as an alternate, less-idealized version of the Pony world, more in keeping with a traditional fantasy world with darker elements.

      That being said... I REALLY want some of Luna's moonshine, like right now! I wonder if biology can help... *does research into genetically engineering alicorns!*

    104. Finally got around to reading it; that was a funny story, and close enough to the spirit of the series and the characters. There were a couple of unimportant bits that I wish had been developed or handled better, but overall it's very well written. I need to look for more works by this author, particularly comedies...

    105. >“I’m sorry, Luna, but there hasn’t been any alcohol in Equestria for almost one thousand years.”
      -Wow ? Talk of some severe prohibition ? (This is somewhat 'relatively' sad, considering this means that there's no drunk pony(ies) 'Comedy' story in ''this'' reality.)

      >“One glass,” Celestia finally said
      >“Just one,” Luna assured.
      -Oh, it always starts with ''Just one...''. ;)

      >Did your wide hips get stuck?” Luna teased.
      >“I am not fat!” Celestia called back at her sister.
      -Simple, yet funny... especially coming from Luna (and when about Celestia's weight and ''problem'' with cakes ;) )

      >during the gemstone’s gestation.
      -Heh. Only in Equestria. :)

      >Armed with knowledge and sandwiches
      -Heavy sandwiches, that is. ;)
      They are made of C4 bread and mortar.

      >“It... lets me forget what I did to Luna. Lets me forget how I failed her.”
      -Oh ho, second phase of being drunk... Quick ! Time to call the clowns ! ...what do you mean they are drunk too ?

      >The alicorn had decided, through some strange train of thought, to sing an old foalhood nursery rhyme, but she had apparently forgotten most of the song.
      -Ahh, wouldn't it be the 3rd phase ? Loud singing of half-remembered songs and eventually... dancing !
      (What do you mean 'no dancing' ? Flashbacks don't count.)

      >Celestia’s white coat was now a very bright, pastel pink >with wide hairs that almost made it look like Celestia was wearing a wig.
      -Heh, I should have seen this come miles away, with the Poison Jokes. ;)

      >Maybe she could even convince Twilight to try a glass.
      >but she couldn’t deny she was just a tad curious how Twilight would behave when a little tipsy.
      -To my large sources list ! :D
      A good idea of what might happen (what it would look like) ;) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiV_Lb2i2BU
      (The song is quite entertaining, I must say)


      ... Ohhh, 'Drunk pony(ies)' (Comedy) story, you (almost) never fail to be funny and interesting to read :) ...

      ... Well, it was quite an enjoyable read. Indeed it was ...

    106. Really nice story!!
      I think the prohibition was a bit to long in Equestria....
      No alcohol... I would go nuts!!

      Pen Stroke you and your co-writers did most of my favourite FanFics!!

    107. Very fun story. I don't know that Twilight would be bold enough with the Princess to actually tease her like that... but the comment was very funny!

    108. Pen Stroke, you've done it again! Drunk ponies are amazing! And then you added poison joke... priceless.

      The only thing that dissapionted me was that you didn't include Luna with the poison joke. That would have been awesome!

    109. Past Sins fans are to Bronies what Bronies are to the rest of society.

      Anyway, the cheap knock off of Celestia joke was the highlight of this for me. Otherwise, it was just an alright story.

    110. For Celestia's sake that was great, I just wanted to see Lunas hangover too.

      Yes though, a Twilight one would be great.

    111. I wonder what would happen when Twilight was tipsy though

    112. Nice little story to keep me occupied until Past Sins Part 2 :)

    113. As usual, Pen Stroke did an exellent job. Yet, I was wondering, if berry punch is an alchohol drink...
      Btw, what Celestia behaved like is just typical for alchoholism II, which earns Pen Stroke another star for realism and info basis, which makes it 5/5, despite of me personally sensing that the story left me smehow eager for just a teeny tiny bit more.
      Guys, we really have to club in an publish it in paper. "Pen Stroke. Past Sins and lesser novels. World's library of old pony's tales, 2014"
      Is someone else gets the idea, sign me in, I'll save some money for that purpose. No, really, a good wrighter shall be known between more ppl then just one community, even if it's a big one.

    114. Sorry, just couldn't help it. ))

      A single drop of moonshine,
      The song's like poison joke
      Made out by ancient ponies,
      But really by Pen Stroke

      The royal guards have spilled our brew
      And said we can have no more
      We said okay, bet when they're through
      We went to the gryphon's store

      Btw, guys, can you please check this out and tell me, if the melody is right? I could call a band and record it properly as a drinking song, with a few drunk voices and a tavern ambience backgroung, if yes.


    115. OH SWEET! Ive been saying this fic needed a sequel. I hope its just as good as the first. *now off to read*.

    116. If the 'Moonshine' story is any indication, this one should be pretty good too.

      >very special recipe that involves honey, yeast, and time.
      -Ooh, hydromel... the beverage of the Gods. Well, at least according to the Norse Gods.


      Hard Cider :

      >they’re here to get warm, and nothing warms a pony up like my Winter Warmth Hot Chocolate!”
      -Now available 'On-the-go' ! : http://nova225.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-Pinky-s-Hot-Chocolate-208618158 :D

      >She said there was somethin’ special about this cider, that this would be ‘real’ cider.”
      -Soft cider (essentially apple juice) VS Hard cider (the one with alcohol in it).
      For some weird reasons, a lot of people confuse those 2 very easily ?

      >“Rainbow, I think you and I need to have a discussion about just how much you like mah family’s cider,”
      >She was now rocking back and forth in her seat, a huge grin on her face as she chanted, “I’m gonna get some cider. I’m gonna get some cider.”
      -I smell an 'Intervention' in a not-so-distant future.

      >Luna had repealed the Dry Equestria Act, which banned the production and sale of alcohol in Equestria.
      -Ahh, ok. I wasn't sure if I was remembering that detail right. So, that's why AJ apparently had no knowledge of the 'fermentation process' ?

      >having to quit cold turkey
      -I never heard that expression ? It's an odd one.

      >She’s always first in line and she gets like thirty big mugs and it isn’t fair!
      >“Oh, quit your bellyaching
      -RD is kinda right here, honestly. AJ should put a reasonable limit 'per customer-per day'.

      >Celestia furrowed her eyebrows in frustration and began pushing against the door with more effort.
      -She must pull, and not push, isn't it ? ;)
      Even when not drunk, some people have trouble with this concept.

      >Your friend’s named after alcohol, really good alcohol. Hey, you think Applejack would make me some applejack?”
      -Ahh, ''traditional'' drunken talk. ;)

      >“That’s not a word, Twilight! Why… why are you ma-making up silly words like that?”
      >“I didn’t make it up! I was… ugh, nevermind!
      -Sane ''person'' VS Drunk ''person''. It's like trying to speak to a young child... or a troll, whichever come closer.

      >Y-you… you couldn’t even beat the changeling queen.
      -Bah ! The queen had simply cheated, by using an overcharged blast... Like throwing a handful of sand in someone's face, but with magic. Overpowering a super-computer with a surge of electricity...

      >They tear down a tree that’s ripe for the pickin, and then carve it up into a punch of little timber wolf pups. Then them little pups grow up by eating wood chips and acorns and bark.
      -That... Well ? That actually would make a lot of sense, within a magical realm, that is.
      Mmh, pretty interesting, really.

      >“Rainbow Dash, perhaps you and I need a chance to get to know one another better.”
      -Pretty sure there are already a few fictions about those 2. ;)


      Maybe it didn't had quite the same 'charm' as the previous story, but it was still entertaining nonetheless. Pretty enjoyable too.

    117. I had a steadily growing smile on my face that ended with the best grin when it ended