• Nightly Roundup #93


    Have some really strange news!

    Rarity Boxers

    I...got nothin. They are glorious and WTF at the same time.  We really will ponify anything.

    If you want some of your own, check out the construction kit!

    Brony Meetups Coming Soon

    Pony Party: Tennessee Tech

    DATE: September 16, 2011

    TIME: 6:00 to 10:00

    PLACE: Tennessee Tech's "Tech Pride Room," located in Roaden University Center.

    WHAT: A party to celebrate the new season! Sweets, games, music, fun, and maybe a screening. PLUS it will be a potluck event, so you're encouraged to bring delicious foods- especially pony-themed ones!

    WHAT ELSE TO BRING: Anything that is fun and ponyish!

    DRESS: Pony clothes if ya got 'em, otherwise you simply must wear formal attire. :P

    WHO: Anybody in the area, not just Tech students!

    Oh, and...
    CONTACT: [email protected] with questions.

    Another Pony Forum!

    With the side benefit of having other stuff.  Find it here!

    Brony Meetup Dragoncon Footage

    For those that love watching other people have fun (note: 90% of America if TV is any indication), another Brony meetup has recorded their crazyness.

    Check it out below!

    Pony Guilds Recruiting More

    Guild 1: 
    Game: Lord of Ultima

    Name: Elements of Harmony
    Server: World 44
    Contact PinkiePie or Fluttershy94 for invites.
    Guild 2:
    Game: World of Warcraft
    Server: Arathor
    Faction: Alliance
    Name: Friendship is Magic
    Contact: They didn't give me one! slackers
    Apparently these dudes are progressing through content and always recruiting more raiders.

    New Facebook Pages

    Oregon Bronies
    Penn State Bronies

    Pony Personality Page

    Apparently a meme thing has popped up facebook that collages a whole bunch of random ___ togeather and assigns them personalities.  This is a pony version!  I guess it's pretty accurate.

    There is a photographer filly on there.  Why haven't we ever done anything with her I wonder? Shes kind of cute.

    Blind Bag Collector Set Back in Toys R' Us

    For those that missed the first wave of Blind Bag collectable ponies, a new shipment has apparently arrived at the Toy's R' Us warehouse.  You can find it all here! Be prepared for a massive processing time, I ordered mine on the last batch and they literally just shipped it yesterday.

    Pinkie Pie's Singer is an Opera Singer! 

    The singer for Pinkie Pie will be appearing in "The Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra" on the 11th.  Apparently shes a professional opera singer.

    You can find the article, and the Pinkie Pie mention, on this page!

    New Brony IRC Network

    For those of you looking for a new IRC to call home, a new one is currently undergoing testing.  You can find it by joining #bronychan on the irc.bronychan.net server.

    Galaxy Girls

    For those of you that haven't been following Lauren Faust's newer ventures (well technically pre-pony, but put on hold until recently), you might want to toss some support her way for the Galaxy Girls dolls/show she is trying to push. We owe her for helping make pony awesome.  Check out the tvtropes article for it here, and as always, her deviant art page which regularly does giveaways of Galaxy Girls merch.

    More Adult Swim FiM madness

    Those crazy adult swim people and their pony love.  I can't wait until the Robot Chicken episode pops up.

    On a Cross and Arrow Project 

    A project has started up to voice the entire On a Cross and Arrow fic.  Have a youtube video explaining it, and a list of characters open below!

    Twilight Sparkle
    Pinkie Pie
    Applejack (Filly)
    Rainbow Dash
    Sweetie Belle
    Dusk Shine
    Bubble Berry
    AppleJack (Colt) - TAKEN BY HEOLIX
    Rainbow Blitz
    Sweepy Bell
    Big Macintosh
    Red Gala

    Rainbow Dash Whiteboard

    Yay Dashie~

    Spideres Dramatic Reading #5!
    Another Spidereses reading has popped up! Find it here!

    Merch and Ebay Stuff
    My Little Merchandise Shirts

    Equestria Daily News

    Word count for Crazy on EQD: 2399

    Guess I use that a lot!

    Fic report for Thursday, September 08, 2011
    • Fics received today: 9
    • Fics that received Feedback today: 11
    • Fics still awaiting feedback: 12
    • Fics approved: 3
    • Total new fics scheduled for posting: 5
    • Total fic updates scheduled for posting: like a million
    • Fics sent back for revision and/or proofreading: 5

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here