• Nightly Roundup #75

    Daww, she looks so warm. 

    It has been at least 10 days since Trixie had a day, so have some Trixie.

    Shes not obnoxious when she's asleep right?

    News time!

    Antipodes Audio Book Looking for Female Voice Actors

    For those of you who read Antipodes, PK is looking for some assistance in setting up a live reading group for it. 

    If you are interested, toss an email to [email protected]

    Dragon Ball Z PMV Completed

    I posted a Dragon Ball PMV a while back, apparently it has a bunch of new updates added! You can find it here!

    MLP-FiM Top Group on Deviant Art?

    I'm not sure how this list is actually built, but the FiM group is #1 on Deviant Art.  It's not based on numbers considering the two below it have much larger populations, but at least it's there or something!

    Another Bashed.org Style Pony Site

    For those interested in quote databases, another site has popped up dedicated to FiM.  You can find it here!

    OC Pony Facebook Group

    If you have an OC pony, and a Facebook page, a new group is looking for you!  You can find it here!

    Equestria Online Looking for Coders

    The Pony MMO Equestria Online is looking for a few more coders to flesh out their ranks and help build the game.  If you are interested, hit up their news post here!

    Derek and Kay Show Talks About Ponies Again

    Derek and Kay's show this week was completely focused on Pony, with a few bronies calling in with feedback.  You can find it here!

    Equestria Radio

    Another radio show has popped up! This one happens specifically at 12:00 AM Eastern time.  You can find the channel here!

    Southern Ontario Brony Meetup

    A bunch of bronies met up at the NASCAR Speed Park in Ontario

    You can find the gallery of images here!

    And some copypasta below
    On Saturday, August 20th, there was a brony meetup at the NASCAR Speedpark in Vaughan, Ontario. We had bronies all over the GTA coming in to meet up, and it was a blast. The event started with a simple little meet and greet (most of us were from Ponychan or Rainbowdash.net if not both). A game of PONY (Pony Bingo) involving one pony-related achievements was a further way to break the ice.

    After a bit of refreshments and further mingling, we took the better part of an hour or so to take in some gaming in the arcades or go-karting, and we set up some tables for some vending. Some people were selling everything from G1-G4 paraphernalia, as well as raffle tickets to win several different pony-related prizes. One prize was a Big Mac plush, another was a pair of crystal keychains, another was a mane six pony of the winner's choice signed by Lauren Faust. Also, there was a separate raffle with a huge bucket full of pony merch, and all the proceeds went to Lauren Faust's charity (we ended up raising over $200!). The brony that won the crystal keychains also won that charity raffle.

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    That leg is now 20% cooler.

    Derpy Hooves Custom
    Scratch Custom
    Pinkie Pie Plush
    Celestia Custom
    Diamond Tiara Custom

    Equestria Daily News

     Pinkie Pie!

    Fic report for Sunday, August 21, 2011 Courtesy of Nathan
    • Fics received today: 18
    • Fics that received Feedback today: 23
    • Fics still awaiting feedback: 15
    • Total new fics scheduled for posting: 6
    • Total fic updates scheduled for posting: TONS
    • Fics Rejected for content: 1
    • Fics sent back for revision: 13
    • Fics sent back for small fixes before posting: 3
    Fanfic Spreadsheet Udpated

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here